Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas In Burley Idaho

Our first Christmas as newly weds was spent in the very icy and windy Burley Idaho where my Grandparent's live. It was my their last time to do Christmas for the whole family so they went all out.
This is Gary Christmas morning doing some meditating... he didn't want to smile. Santa had a hard time filling up his stocking this year, it's quite large! We might have to down grade next year. We were using our new camera I got from my work Christmas party so hopefully future pictures will have better lighting then this one. We were trying things out.
Bethy Christmas morning! For some reason she thought she was getting a Nintendo DS from Santa this year (and she was). She opened every present first that were a bunch of games that confirmed her thought and then opened the DS last.

Cody, my youngest brother, moved up in the world and got a cell phone aka my old plan because I got married. He also got some shirts from Nate the Elf because he doesn't trust Santa's taste.

Gary and I got a video camera and were really excited about it. I am not sure what we film besides birthdays and pranks for now but maybe more family stuff in the future.

And last but not least Gary and I bought each other a Wii for Christmas. He wanted an X Box since I've known him and told him I will never have one because he'd play that all day long and I couldn't even join in with him. So we compromised and got a Wii so I can play too!

We hope all had a Merry Christmas and a Good Break from School!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Six Wonderful Months

Gary surprised me when he came and picked me up from work today! He bought me flowers for our six month anniversary! I know it kind a pathetic we celebrate months but when you only got two birthday's a year you have to something to treat yourself.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Date Night

This weekend we had a date night with my older brother and his girlfriend, Jenny. Since we have no Halloween decorations we thought we should at least carve pumpkins to be festive and it's a lot more fun doing it with other people. We had Papa John pizza and pumpkin cookies to start off the night and it was so tasty. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday night so trying to get Gary and Kyle off the couch and away from football was somewhat difficult but Jenny and I succeeded eventually (when the game ended). Two hours later we final started...I like how Gary is holding the knife like he's about to kill the pumpkin rather than carving it.
Kyle and Jenny...and their star nose pumpkin.

Gary carved m0st of the pumpkin but refused to take a picture with it so I did :)
Trick or Treat

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grandma's 89th Birthday

My Grandma turned 89 this year and we all flew out to Arizona to celebrate with her. We only spent two nights so it was a fast trip but nice to see her. We shopped at the Scottsdale mall and dined at Grandma's favorite golf country club. Gary and I watched my sisters swim one morning and help my Dad collect his Quicktrip cups. Another thing about our trip was that is was very HOT! We go to scraping ice off our car windows to dieing in 90 degree heat. Gary and I think Arizona is too dry and hot for us so our future now doesn't include living in Arizona.... we like the color green too much.HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I believe winter is just around the corner....because Gary actually broke out his jeans.
Gary and I attended the BYU vs UNM this weekend. I wore my ski pants and coat and Gary wore more then just a t-shirt and athletic shorts.
The next football game, in two weeks, we'll have to invest in gloves and hot chocolate.
I'm missing summer already.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Gary turned 23 on Monday! He is getting so old, he's been home for 2 years now... he could have served another mission. His cake is basically on fire, I think in the years to come will just have to switch to the number candles.
I thought it would be fun to decorate our kitchen for his birthday with BYU colors and also his favorite colors. He might too old for this type of thing but I had fun doing it and he said he liked it. (take notice of our 1070's's priceless, and don't take notice off the mess)

We had a few of his friend's over from high school and their wives...well at least those that could make it for cake and ice cream. Trent was SO kind to make sure I was in the picture, Monday's are rough. Lindsey, my sister, also came to join in the fun too. Andy and Maranda gave Gary our tools back for his birthday and Jon gave him a sports drink cup (that was free)... you really have to love poor college students! It was a great night and Gary has another year until he reaches 24!

Friday, September 19, 2008

One Year Ago...

One Year ago I met Gary and fell into a huge crush. I knew I wanted to go on a date with him so bad and didn't know if that would ever happen if I didn't ask him out myself. So against everything I ever stood for and what I was told never to do... I did... I asked him out on a date! Well, we decided to to re-live that date and ride the Full Moon ski lift at Sundance. This time it was a lot more romantic and less stressful.
I'd recomend the ski lift to anyone. It's so fun and just different than the usual bowling or movie dates!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peach Days

This past weekend we went up to Gary's hometown, Brigham City, for the once in life time Peach Days event! Gary kept talking about how great and fun it is and that there is so much to do. Basically, it's a Carnival with the usual carni crowd...we just walked around and ran into a lot of Gary's old friends from high school. Gary had the standard peach cobbler to celebrate "peach days" and I just enjoyed people watching and seeing all the mullets! However, all in all it was really nice to get away from Provo and leave all the homework behind and just be a kid again.

I was really thirsty the last night so we indulged at bought a $2.00 soda... and that cup was the large. We compromised in buying it because we didn't buy tickets for the rides. The tickets were 10 for $10 or $1.25 for 1! We decided it wasn't worth it.
We finished up our Peach Days weekend by attending Gary's old ward Sunday. His parent's are moving the next week just a block and half and they are in a new ward! Utah is so funny that way.
It was a great weekend and now we are back to reality. SCHOOL,WORK, HOMEWORK...ect.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Gary and I went in and bought an all sports pass this year so we could enjoy the BYU experience. It was loads of fun... our seats are next to friends and family so they always help make it a great time. We were not expecting the sun to be SO intense... we burned, but it wasn't bad after a day. BYU won so we celebrated in the canyon with friends and made dutch oven peach cobbler later that night. It was such a great end to our day.
Monday afternoon we totally took advantage of our day off and the fact that it was raining. We didn't leave our little humble apartment until 2pm! We went to the Brick Oven for the Ofallon reuinon. It was great to see all my friends again that I grew up with and actually get to talk to them about life. Gary didn't really know anyone but there was pizza, enough said. I did all the talking.
Labor day needs to be the first Monday in every month. Gary started school today and his athletic training job with the baseball team and I already have homework up to my eyeballs...and my dad told me these are the easy days!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seven Peaks

Gary and I wanted to do something fun before school started and before our Saturdays turned into worshiping BYU football. I had never been to seven peaks and thought it would be a lot of fun. It was but I didn't care for the wedgy I had to pick after every slide. However, it was nice to get out of the apartment and do something random. Gary and I were very ambitious and got there right when it opened so we hit all the best slides in like an hour. We also got a spot right under the shade to relax or burning feet and to avoid the sun.
Gary was especially pleased with our decision of seven peaks because they had dip n dots... we splurged and gave into the small tiny cup with the big price sticker on it. That's how our day ended so we considered it a success.
Side Note: Gary is amazing
Our kitchen floor in our apartment was gross but with a full time job I never got around to actually scrubbing the floor and I don't think the past residents did either because as you can tell... bleach and some good old elbow grease can make all the difference. Gary knew it had been bugging me so this past week he did it all by himself. What a guy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Fourth of July in St.George

The fourth this year was packed full of activites and great food. We traveled down to good ol' St.George to see my family and to endure the blasting heat. We had a great time. We swam in my parent's pool but it was more like taking a bath. Gary never had to worry about freezing me out... even when it was time sleep! Gary has been craving dip n' dots since forever and they didn't have them at Disney world where we went for our honeymoon. So at the Road Runners baseball game he had two servings to make up for it.
This is the night of the fourth and it was hot! We went to a country music show down... Gary was a really good sport(he hates it). The singers weren't bad it just was a long night... and all really wanted to see was fireworks.

Bethany and I enjoyed blueberry slushies while we were waiting for the show to start. This girl has such a personality.

So the fireworks were too much for Bethany, she is scared to death of them! She kept pleading with us all to leave. To a point I don't blame her. The people lit the fireworks too close to where everyone was standing so ashes were landing on us. I was scared just to look up at them afraid something was going to fall in my eyes! Gary wasn't impressed and still thinks Brigham City is where it is at.

Gary loves kitties and my family just got one. I think he spent more time with the kity than me the whole trip. He loved to cuddle and play with her. The kity has loads of energy so we were all surprised when Gary got the cat to fall a sleep with him.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part One of My Favorites

This picture I have to take all the credit for. My photographer wasn't going to do one like this with the veil over both of us... but I insisted. It's just a classic, tradional photo but so sentimental.
I LOVE THIS ONE. I told Gary it looks like we are walking down Eternity Drive.

This picture blows my breath away. I don't know how my photographer did it. She made such an ugly, muddy river look beautiful and the wind helped a lot.

So I saw a picture like this one in a bride magazine but they were seductive. We tried to copy that but as you can tell we didn't really pull it off. Asking Gary and I to be seductive is like asking an elephant to fly... we kept kissing each others teeth because we couldn't stop smiling.

Katie, Teri, and Tessa have been my best friends forever and I was so lucky to have them all make it to my reception. They are all sarcastic and have a great sense of humor... and they just get life. I miss our cherry limeade runs to Sonic. $1.39

Monday, August 18, 2008


So if I had enough patience there would probably be more pictures posted but the Olympics are going on and you just have to set your priorities. Gary's Second Love

~Daddy's Little Girls ~
I love my sisters... their personalities are so different and so unqiue.... and they are Gorgeous!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding Photos Finally!

Gary and I finally got our wedding photos and I am really excited to share them! There will be many wedding photo posts because they are too many good ones just to have one post! Will start it off with a bang with probably my most favorite photo. The weather was beautiful the night before we got married so we took all of our pictues then. It was a blessing because the next morning was a beast to put it lightly :) Enjoy!