Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part One of My Favorites

This picture I have to take all the credit for. My photographer wasn't going to do one like this with the veil over both of us... but I insisted. It's just a classic, tradional photo but so sentimental.
I LOVE THIS ONE. I told Gary it looks like we are walking down Eternity Drive.

This picture blows my breath away. I don't know how my photographer did it. She made such an ugly, muddy river look beautiful and the wind helped a lot.

So I saw a picture like this one in a bride magazine but they were seductive. We tried to copy that but as you can tell we didn't really pull it off. Asking Gary and I to be seductive is like asking an elephant to fly... we kept kissing each others teeth because we couldn't stop smiling.

Katie, Teri, and Tessa have been my best friends forever and I was so lucky to have them all make it to my reception. They are all sarcastic and have a great sense of humor... and they just get life. I miss our cherry limeade runs to Sonic. $1.39

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