Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seven Peaks

Gary and I wanted to do something fun before school started and before our Saturdays turned into worshiping BYU football. I had never been to seven peaks and thought it would be a lot of fun. It was but I didn't care for the wedgy I had to pick after every slide. However, it was nice to get out of the apartment and do something random. Gary and I were very ambitious and got there right when it opened so we hit all the best slides in like an hour. We also got a spot right under the shade to relax or burning feet and to avoid the sun.
Gary was especially pleased with our decision of seven peaks because they had dip n dots... we splurged and gave into the small tiny cup with the big price sticker on it. That's how our day ended so we considered it a success.
Side Note: Gary is amazing
Our kitchen floor in our apartment was gross but with a full time job I never got around to actually scrubbing the floor and I don't think the past residents did either because as you can tell... bleach and some good old elbow grease can make all the difference. Gary knew it had been bugging me so this past week he did it all by himself. What a guy!

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carly said...

hey carly! it's carly. you and gary are such a cute couple. it was good seeing you the other day