Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Gary turned 23 on Monday! He is getting so old, he's been home for 2 years now... he could have served another mission. His cake is basically on fire, I think in the years to come will just have to switch to the number candles.
I thought it would be fun to decorate our kitchen for his birthday with BYU colors and also his favorite colors. He might too old for this type of thing but I had fun doing it and he said he liked it. (take notice of our 1070's's priceless, and don't take notice off the mess)

We had a few of his friend's over from high school and their wives...well at least those that could make it for cake and ice cream. Trent was SO kind to make sure I was in the picture, Monday's are rough. Lindsey, my sister, also came to join in the fun too. Andy and Maranda gave Gary our tools back for his birthday and Jon gave him a sports drink cup (that was free)... you really have to love poor college students! It was a great night and Gary has another year until he reaches 24!

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