Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Gary and I went in and bought an all sports pass this year so we could enjoy the BYU experience. It was loads of fun... our seats are next to friends and family so they always help make it a great time. We were not expecting the sun to be SO intense... we burned, but it wasn't bad after a day. BYU won so we celebrated in the canyon with friends and made dutch oven peach cobbler later that night. It was such a great end to our day.
Monday afternoon we totally took advantage of our day off and the fact that it was raining. We didn't leave our little humble apartment until 2pm! We went to the Brick Oven for the Ofallon reuinon. It was great to see all my friends again that I grew up with and actually get to talk to them about life. Gary didn't really know anyone but there was pizza, enough said. I did all the talking.
Labor day needs to be the first Monday in every month. Gary started school today and his athletic training job with the baseball team and I already have homework up to my eyeballs...and my dad told me these are the easy days!

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Karly Staples said...

You guys are so adorable Carly! I need to come meet Gary