Friday, September 19, 2008

One Year Ago...

One Year ago I met Gary and fell into a huge crush. I knew I wanted to go on a date with him so bad and didn't know if that would ever happen if I didn't ask him out myself. So against everything I ever stood for and what I was told never to do... I did... I asked him out on a date! Well, we decided to to re-live that date and ride the Full Moon ski lift at Sundance. This time it was a lot more romantic and less stressful.
I'd recomend the ski lift to anyone. It's so fun and just different than the usual bowling or movie dates!


Kaitlin said...

Carly, you guys are SOOO cute! Seriously!! Oh my goodness!

Nichole said...

you've been tagged!

and, i didn't know you asked him out! you go girl! :)