Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peach Days

This past weekend we went up to Gary's hometown, Brigham City, for the once in life time Peach Days event! Gary kept talking about how great and fun it is and that there is so much to do. Basically, it's a Carnival with the usual carni crowd...we just walked around and ran into a lot of Gary's old friends from high school. Gary had the standard peach cobbler to celebrate "peach days" and I just enjoyed people watching and seeing all the mullets! However, all in all it was really nice to get away from Provo and leave all the homework behind and just be a kid again.

I was really thirsty the last night so we indulged at bought a $2.00 soda... and that cup was the large. We compromised in buying it because we didn't buy tickets for the rides. The tickets were 10 for $10 or $1.25 for 1! We decided it wasn't worth it.
We finished up our Peach Days weekend by attending Gary's old ward Sunday. His parent's are moving the next week just a block and half and they are in a new ward! Utah is so funny that way.
It was a great weekend and now we are back to reality. SCHOOL,WORK, HOMEWORK...ect.

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