Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Date Night

This weekend we had a date night with my older brother and his girlfriend, Jenny. Since we have no Halloween decorations we thought we should at least carve pumpkins to be festive and it's a lot more fun doing it with other people. We had Papa John pizza and pumpkin cookies to start off the night and it was so tasty. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday night so trying to get Gary and Kyle off the couch and away from football was somewhat difficult but Jenny and I succeeded eventually (when the game ended). Two hours later we final started...I like how Gary is holding the knife like he's about to kill the pumpkin rather than carving it.
Kyle and Jenny...and their star nose pumpkin.

Gary carved m0st of the pumpkin but refused to take a picture with it so I did :)
Trick or Treat

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