Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas In Burley Idaho

Our first Christmas as newly weds was spent in the very icy and windy Burley Idaho where my Grandparent's live. It was my their last time to do Christmas for the whole family so they went all out.
This is Gary Christmas morning doing some meditating... he didn't want to smile. Santa had a hard time filling up his stocking this year, it's quite large! We might have to down grade next year. We were using our new camera I got from my work Christmas party so hopefully future pictures will have better lighting then this one. We were trying things out.
Bethy Christmas morning! For some reason she thought she was getting a Nintendo DS from Santa this year (and she was). She opened every present first that were a bunch of games that confirmed her thought and then opened the DS last.

Cody, my youngest brother, moved up in the world and got a cell phone aka my old plan because I got married. He also got some shirts from Nate the Elf because he doesn't trust Santa's taste.

Gary and I got a video camera and were really excited about it. I am not sure what we film besides birthdays and pranks for now but maybe more family stuff in the future.

And last but not least Gary and I bought each other a Wii for Christmas. He wanted an X Box since I've known him and told him I will never have one because he'd play that all day long and I couldn't even join in with him. So we compromised and got a Wii so I can play too!

We hope all had a Merry Christmas and a Good Break from School!

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