Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Summary

So the month of March has flown by really fast and I am almost glad it did. School has been at its all time stress level and so there hasn't been much time to enjoy the little things like writing in a blog. I am anxiously a waiting spring semester with warmer weather and more time to enjoy the nights. The breakdown of March basically only had about two worthy postings. First, my brother got engaged, it happened last month but she didn't get her ring until last week so I decided I wasn't going to announce it yet until that happened. Here is the fun-loving couple below. Gary and I have a good times laughing at the conversations about wedding prep stuff, brings back funny moments that we are glad we are not going through again.

Second, I turned 21. Now all I have to reach is 25 so I can rent a car and then all these so called birthdays I will be having every year after can just be another HAPPY 25th Birthday! right....

Hope everyone had a great windy march and that those basketball brackets are still going strong:)