Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two and Half More Weeks

Summer has officially started for almost everyone and we can't wait to start ours. Spring term has two and half more weeks left and I am pleasantly surprised how fast it went. We don't have any big plans, we figured we can't beat last summer's vacation (Disney world). Gary will start
working with the BYU football team at the end of July and that's when I become a half widow. Before that time comes will spend many days together (i.e. work at the same office) and drink a lot of soda. Then we will part for five months and then by Christmas time we will be reunited. I am probably being over dramatic about this football commitment but I am trying to prepare myself for the worst. However, my sweet brother and sister-in-law will be living right below us come August so I'll have some mourning buddies to hang out with. Furthermore, we have two more months of pure fun and I am super excited about our event less summer because we can do anything!

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matt and jess said...

and you can hang out with ME! Both this summer and in the fall :)