Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kyle and Jenny's Wedding in Portland

The wedding ceremony happened in the Portland Temple, which is so pretty and green. The grounds are covered with huge trees-which usually isn't normal on a LDS temple site. The sealer was a good friend of Jenny's family so it seemed a lot more personable than other sealings I've attended and he kept making us laugh.

Here are the newly weds right after just completly happy and content. Gary and I are happy because we are no longer considered the newly weds in my family so we don't get made fun of all the time when we want to be with each other or cuddling.

The reception was held in Jenny's backyard in Washington. The Macdonald family lives right outside of Portland but on the Washington's side. It was absolutly beautiful. Her mom picked up the talent of growing flowers this summer and then had a friend cut and arrange of all of them. So as you can see on the cake there was fresh flowers everywhere, and they were the perfect colors Jenny wanted.

Here is our Christmas card the photographer said for this year so if you don't get one don't be offended and consider this the card...because we probably/will not be doing one. I might pick up that tradition when there is more than two of us but as for

The weather was beautiful for Washington but COLD, hence all the jackets on the girls. We were freezing! We were good sports though and endured it until the end.

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Even until the very end to wave them goodbye to their hoonymoon to the Dominican Republic. I was jealous, I asked Gary if we could have a second hoonymoon. This 3 day weekend we had been looking forward to all summer because this was our only "vacation". We had to be adults this summer and work and go to school. However, Gary promised a better summer next year. My head is already spinning with IDEAS, okay- like one idea DISNEY...the castle might as well be my timeshare.

Anyway, It was a great mini vaca and we are so Happy for Kyle and Jenny. We are even more happy that we can communicate with just stomping on our floor to get their attention. (They live below us) It's going to be a great semester :)

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