Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not Giving Up!

I am still working on my goal to blog more...but for the next week I'll be missing in action! Therefore, be prepared for when I get back!
Have a Merry Christmas!!!! HO HO HO

PS: start thinking of ways so I don't steal the sheets from Gary every night... he's kinda sick of it and I am kinda sick of being woken up in the middle of the night because he is stealing them back! grrr... :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

First annual Allen Family Christmas Card(blog style)
Gary: Has had a lot on his plate this year, and he handled it with ease. He's been going to school non-stop since Fall 09' and will graduate this upcoming April in Athletic Training. He's excited to see the end in sight but really, there is no end. Last week the UPS man drop off a load of MCAT prep-course materials and Gary just can't wait to dig through them after Christmas break is over, NOT. The big day is April 29th and I think I am more nervous than he is. Gary received a new ward calling in August and it was to be the 1st Counselor in the Bishopric in our married student ward. It threw both of us in to complete shock, and we wondered how Gary was going to survive. Well, we shouldn't have worried, because Gary wouldn't have it any other way. He loves the people in our ward so much and it has been such a nice surprise that he knows more people than I do! He's been blessed that is for sure. However, things still haven't changed for Gary's love of sports. He handled in being 5 intramural sports this semester, eats his cereal, lunch and dinner with ESPN on, on 2 fantasy football teams, and held loyal to his BYU football team through and through this year. That alone should be his full time job, we'd be getting paid $$$$.
Carly: Changed her major for the 5th or 6th time(in all reality, I stopped counting) and finally chose Home and Family Living. SHE LOVES IT. Gary tried to convince her that a long time ago, but she wouldn't commit and now she wonders why she didn't listen to him the first time. She plans to take every sewing class there is to take at BYU so that one day she can sew for money, and for the plain fact that she loves it. Her graduation date is still undecided, and she likes it that her more options(but don't worry Mom and Dad, I will graduate!). Carly is serving in the Relief Society, and is amazed by talented women she is surrounded with. She works at the OB clinic still and comes home with funny/frightful stories on a daily basis...(I work in the collections dept.). Her favorite things this year are sewing, blogging ;), indulging herself in the cricut machine, and watching Gary watch sports.
Gary and I this year are most grateful for our Savior and his birth. We are grateful for his life he lead and for the example he set for us to get back to Him.
We wish you all a Merry and Happy Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wife's Intuition

So late Sunday night,
(it was more like 11pm, Gary often has to remind me at times when I am complaining of loud music outside our apartment that it is only 12am...and that we used to stay up the late too...and it is not late for a town like Provo)
Anyway on with my story...
we were cuddling in bed talking about finals and the conversation turned to how one day Gary will be a cadaver. He thinks I am going to buried alone and he'll be on a table somewhere in the Widstow building being picked and poked at. I tell him to knock it off and I try to think of a new subject, because talking about a Gary being a cadaver isn't really uplifting....
So, I think to ask him about this paper he told me about about over the week and how the teacher really gave no instructions what so ever.
Carly: So when are going to write that paper that is due sometime this week?
Gary: What paper?
Carly: Well, I don't know, the one you said is do the day of your final?
Gary: huh?
Carly: The one the teacher didn't give you any instructions on.
Gary: (rolls out of cuddle position and places hands over his face) OH MY HECK!
Well goodnight, I've got a paper to write(hops out of bed)
Carly: (feeling really bad that I hadn't brought it up early because I had been thinking about it all week wondering why he was never working on it and just thought it must be due sometime in the middle of the week) Gar, I am sorry(trying not to giggle and cry).
So there you have it, I should have followed my gut earlier and asked him. I've had similar experiences to this one that makes me think I can receive some intuition on Gary's part. And hopefully I'll better next time with acting on it early. However, I did save Gary's grade! And he was grateful for that :)
Gary finished around 1am and then we both able to go to sleep.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I vow to be better...

at blogging. I was thinking of some new year goals and I thought that blogging would be a great one. And then I thought why wait! So here goes nothing...
A part of me likes blogging and then another part of me doesn't...Why?
because I feel like have to show off in a way and exclaim to the world that the Allen household is perfect. (which is completely wrong and sorry if you felt like you were giving false information)
Why do I feel this way?... because I am scared of being judge, by who, I don't know because only our closest friends and families ever read this and they don't judge.
So here goes to being more honest about the lives of Gary and Carly,
but don't worry I will not express our deepest darkest secrets like the one time(s) Gary slept on the couch...
I will just let you in on little secrets like...
I told Gary I wanted to wait to make dinner with him because I just didn't want to do all on my own. However, I feel guilty now because he was at Church all day doing Bishopric stuff and is now doing his home teaching. So I am repenting and I am off to go make some dinner so that when he comes home it is all done:)
Toodles... :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Daffodil Principle

My Home and Family teacher showed us this story today and I fell in love with it. I think it was a tender mercy too for some answers I've been searching for, I am grateful for teachers that are inspired. So I thought I'd share... it is a little bit over 6min but the meaning you get from it is priceless.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

October has been a great month for the Allen family. We started off the fall season with seeing/killing more spiders in our apartment than usual, there couldn't have been a more perfect way to start off Halloween! And we carved this beauty too. Unfortunately, we didn't take a day one photo of him because we thought we'd be able to enjoy him longer than a week, wrong! He was mouldy inside and out...and if you look close...he was drooling:) Gary went to throw him away and couldn't even grab him because there was no substance, it was great! Sadly, it happened to all our neighbors pumpkins too:(

The Barber's hosted a "Pirate" themed murder mystery dinner. Gary was a pirate who spoke but couldn't understand him because of his thick accent and I was the tavern owner who didn't trust men so I carried a rolling pin where ever I go. Everyone did a great job on playing their roles and it created a unforgettable night of friends and laughter. I must include Nicole, who did a fantastic job on the food and the divine chocolate cake. It was great of her parents let us party at their home. Thanks!

Gary and I are sure going to miss this group of friends. Gary was roommates with all four boys the year we met, got engaged, and married. So we have all been through a lot together of the same things together, for instance getting married. I couldn't have picked a better group of married couples to be around. However, we will start to go our separate ways starting in December to go on to bigger and better things. Not quite sure how I feel about it...erinn...and dave.

Our next party we were invited to was thrown by Mrs Jenny Benham and Sarah Swiegger. It was very well planned and we got to know other great couples. Gary continued to be a pirate and I bought a $8 kitty outfit, score! I really wanted to be a princess but somehow $50 was hard to swallow.

We played a The Flour Game and Gary lost and had to pick up the hot tamale with his teeth.
He wasn't getting dirty enough so I helped him by stuffing his face in the flour, I got a death glare and pointed at Kyle as if he did it. He quickly forgave me:)

Then we played a game where the boys and girls spinned in a circle ten times and then you had to eat and swallow the donut first to win. Rory put everyone to shame by swallowing it in one gulp and not even chewing.
We ended the night by playing mafia and everyone was so into it, it was great! I couldn't have planned a better Halloween party, so thanks goes out to Jenny and Sarah.
So in closing a miniature update on our lives: Gary's calling is finally reaching a plateau. We added about 60 new couples in our ward starting in August and the bishopric has been busy trying to meet new people and sustain callings. Gary is loving serving the ward, and he loves to tell me all the people's names he knows more than I do(which is a first). His classes haven't been too stressful but I always know when a physics and organic chemistry test is coming up because I lost of my kitchen table space to books and papers. For me, I am loving school. I get excited to attend my sewing class twice a week and Joanns fabric store is turning into my weakness. Work is work and that's about all I need to say. We are just loving life and we really can't wait for the future holidays!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1 more Credit!

So I signed up for Winter Semester last night and I need one more credit to be a full time student and I need some ideas?
Anyone know of some awesome 1 credit classes or possibly 2.
I am thrilled beyond imagination that I have this problem because I thougtht this day would never come!

...and can I just tell you that I love my classes and future classes....Gary has never seen me so happy about school!!!!

Shoot me some ideas!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

4th Time

(It is not the greatest picture of me but if I explained to you my day I am pretty sure you'd be sympathetic to me)
As some people know, our first date involved the Sundance Ski Lift and it's pretty much where I decided I liked Gary for more than just his looks, yea I know I am a sleaze head. Since then we've celebrated that experience every year by attending the full moon ride. This year was our fourth year and next year might be our last because hopefully we will be leaving Provo, fingers crossed. Anyway, it has been a great tradition and it always brings back great memories of that first date and what were we actually thinking in our heads. Gary was thinking- he wanted to cuddle but thought it was too fast and I'd think he was a player. I was thinking- I wish he cuddle with me because I like him and I am cold, and I was also thinking he was a player because his facebook exposed many girlfriends so I am just another one,ya ya. So the next year we were married and turned out I was wrong about Gary being a player! It was just his birthday the next day and all his friends-you happened to be girls- were wishing him happy birthday and I over analyzed things like girls do and thought the worst. Go Figure!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Many Days till...


100 to be exact

(don't get mislead, I am not wishing the days away but come on it's Christmas)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life as we know it...


I swear every semester just gets busier and when you think you finally have a handle on things the semester is over. Well, this semester sure is in a category of its own. For example, (please note that this entry is only for the people who want me to update more often, Jessica:) )

Carly's Day on Wednesday

7:30am Wake up Call--- I actually get to sleep in!!!!

9:00am Stats Class

10:00am Book of Mormon

11:00am Home and Family Class

12:00-12:20pm Eat Lunch---suppppper fast and smooch Gary

12:20-12:40om Drive to Work(Timp Hospital)

12:40-5:00pm Work non stop because there is a lot of stuff to get done

5:00-5:30pm Drive home and stay patient in traffic

5:30pm-10:00pm Homework, a lot of reading

10:00pm Go get dinner because I am starving and Gary is finally home

11:00pm Go to bed and have sweet dreams

Gary's Day

7:30am I wake him up

9:00am Take Carly to school and study on campus

10:00am New Testemant

11:00am Organic Chemistry

12:00pm Take Carly home and eat lunch

12:30-5:45pm study, talk w/ teachers, do research, and get his TV fix(so he can watch Football)

5:45-7:00pm Softball Game, they won!

7:00-10:00pm Meet new ward members and welcome them into the ward...Visits were scheduled ever 15mins

10:00pm Take Carly to get something to eat because she is starving and waited all night for him to get home

11:00pm Go to bed and smooch Carly

That is one day in the exciting Life of Carly and Gary. Everday is different schedule but just as nuts but we are getting through it. Ask us how we are doing a couple weeks in to school and it might be a different story. People have told us that even after college you think your life will slow down but it doesn't, just gets more busy!

And to make this post the most exciting thing ever, I'll add a picture.

This picture was taken the day after we got engaged and I was already on the phone with my mother planning which day we should do, receptions plans, and flight plans. It was a whirlwind! And Gary was being himself and trying to distract the coversation by doing an automatic picture.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet My Highschool Chemisty Teacher

This is Mr. Gattung. He has a love for chemistry that I wish I had a smidgen of. He taught Honors Chemisty-no idea how I landed in the class- because it was extremly hard. However, despite how hard it was I enjoyed coming to class everyday because this man loved his job which made me love learning from him.(Side story: He once asked me if I was Mormon, it caught me out of the blue, and I said yes I am. He said he could tell by the way I acted and the morals I must have shown during his class. Unfortunantly, he said he'd be Mormon himself if he could actually believe in the Joseph Smith thing. I'll have to convert him later;))
When I was a little girl I'd pretend to be a teacher and line up my stuff animals and my younger sister. I had lessons plans down and activities to do. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up just like my mom and grandmothers. However, things changed during those teenage years and I no longer dreamed of being a teacher. But despite my change of mind, I still hold teachers at one of the highest professions of all. I don't know how Mr. Gattung or any other teacher I had make it day by day teaching a subject that most their students dreaded. But I am grateful that they chose the profession they did to teach me for my future roles that I would hold. Those special teachers change the world one student at a time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Journal Writing Quetions

Last week I went to my Relief Society get together. We made these Journal Jars that have tons of questions that we can answer. Well, my initial thought was "hey, maybe they will give me ideas what to blog about" because you can tell I struggle. I can keep doing updates but really things around hear are pretty stable...and I prefer it that way because it won't always be that way. So I am starting today with my Journal Writing Question. Enjoy!

-The Most Surprised I've ever been... probably when my colorgaurd squad in high school won state. My team can probably agree with me that we really didn't think we had a shot to actually win it all. We were moved in to an upper division 3 weeks before state-rude- but we couldn't do anything about. Our coach asked us if we really wanted to go through with competing or we could all go to Disney Land instead. I chose competing and for the most part everyone else tagged along too with that idea. Well, we had to find an extra minute of music to be even considered as competitors to the other teams. It was hard but we finally decided on some music and it mixed great! We had two a day practices and worked our butts off just to be at least considered for a trophy. Competition day came and we were all excited and just plain proud of where we had come from that when we competed in the morning I think we were so relaxed and had no pressure that we ended up being amazing! We were placed in 2nd place for the final performance and we were thrilled! We ended up not being as great the 2nd time but must have been better then the other team because we WON! We were all crying and jumping around and just still couldn't believe it had happened!...personally I think our coach was shocked! Anyway, that was the most surprised I had ever been. It felt great when there were two teams still standing and they announced that 2nd place wasn't us. I don't think I've ever squeezed someones hand so hard...sorry megs! I miss those colorguard days :)

Monday, June 28, 2010


So honestly, I just added the picture to make this post worth reading and adorable. This little guy was 2 weeks old and as cute as can be! He's my newest nephew, Adam.

Along with the update: I am going to make it short because miniature updates will follow...

I am enjoying the HOT weather! It's about time Provo started showing us some love and decided to warm us up and stop with the rain! I can't say that I've been all that busy but really blogging never became up on my list of things to do.
I just finished my spring semester and LOVED IT. I didn't know you could love school that much and actually be sad when classes ended. I guess it is a sign that you are on the right path. As for Gary he did not feel the same towards Molecular Biology and Physiology. However, I am not quite sure things will change for him the next few semesters as he finishes his chemistry's off. I chose not to do a summer semester and just work full time which is nice because I come home and I have nothing hanging over my head! It's a wonderful feeling.
I've made some goals to keep me busy though and blogging is one of them so the whole world wide web will know if I keep it.
I'd really love to tell you that we have the most exciting lives and we are liven the vacation life this summer but that would be a lie. We are adults and we have work and go to school....weird. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary almost 2 months ago and I still can't believe how fast the time has gone....crazy.
Anyway, that's the update for now. Nothing new but maybe in the future :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


I don't like competition-especially between Gary and I- but once year we fill out our NCAA brakets and spend the rest of March highlighting it(Gary's in blue, Carly's in lovely pink). The record is tied thus far but that will change.

I'll being honest- I don't study it or have watched many games but when March roles around I am all about lazy Friday nights and Satudays(and Sunday) sitting on the couch watching some basketball.

Carly's Winner!

Gary's Winner(booooo)

Gary hasn't learned that us Benham's have pride in one thing and that is in our ROCK CHALK JAYHALWKS- therefore Kansas better win or Gary will have to be kicked out of the family or learn next time to be more loyal.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I thought since today is Sunday and Valentines Day it would be appropriate to write down how we met and I can call this my journal writing and get extra points. This might be love dovey so warning...

It was the fall of 2007
and I had just moved up north to attend UVU. I was in a scholarship program that gave me roommates so I was excited to meet them all. We hit it off but there was two problems...all had boyfriends and lived up north anyway so going home every weekend was common. This left me alone at night(scary!) and attending church by myself. Luckly, I met some sweet girls down the hall that also lived a couple hours away so they'd keep me company on some weekends. However, I missed home and didn't think attending Dixie would be all that bad. Well, one weekend I talked my friend Jenny(one of the girls down the hall) into going to an institute dance. Jenny was such a trooper and I am forever grateful for generosity she showed me that night.

While we were dancing and having a good time(it was much better then any stake dance) we started talking it up with these two boys. Love at first sight...not really but definitely thinking where have you been my whole life occurred to me while staring at this blond, blue eyed boy who had some dance moves and confidence that was just perfect
. However, he never asked me to dance and would just flirt. It kinda bugged me and when I found out he was 21, his name was Gary, and was from Brigham City(thinking where is that?) a thought entered into my head saying "stay away...he's barely off his mission and has every intention to be a player". So Jenny and I parted ways and continued to dance until someone hit me with their elbow while jumping and it was really painful so we left. But, I couldn't stop thinking about him and supposedly Gary said he looked for me that night after the dance to invite me to his his 22nd birthday party tomorrow.

That night while alone in my apartment I couldn't sleep and decided to look up this so called player on facebook. I think it was a tender mercy his mom named him Gary because not that many 21yr olds attending BYU have that name so of course he showed up immediately. And behold, he was a player! He had about 20 different comments from girls all wishing him a happy birthday or asking him when is the next time we can hangout. But still! I just wanted to see him one more time! And for the rest of the weekend I thought about him...which may sound so creepy and I realize that so Gary never knew about my facebook stalking until we decided to get married and he just laughed and thought it was so funny.

Well, the weekend past by and so did Monday. My good friend Amanda called me up Tuesday and said come down to Provo and lets go out for ice cream. I came to pick up Amanda and while she was getting ready I asked her if I could use her computer to show her something. Amanda has been a childhood friend so she knew me pretty well when I told her all about Gary. Amanda is very upfront and thought I should just add him as a friend and ask him out but that was not me so we continued on to the Malt Shoppe for some icecream. We pull up and I see the other boy at the dance and thought maybe Gary is in there. I didn't say one word to Amanda because again, she likes to be upfront and vocal. We walk in and Gary is there and I am about to faint. However, again Amanda knows me too well and could tell I was really uptight and wouldn't turn around so she turned around and noticed Gary. She then gets up close and personal and whispers..
Carly...I think your man is right behind you is that why you are acting strange
Me: yes Amanda and please don't do anything embarrassing.
Amanda: Carly say hi to will regret it
Me: I am not going to say hi he wont even recognize me
Amanda: well, find we will just have to sit next to them
Me: Fine, I'll say hi!
I turned around and Gary's friend was looking straight at me and I said hey arn't you guys from the dance. He said yes and that I looked familiar. He asked me what my name was again and in the mean time Amanda has our icecream and comes right up and ask them if we can sit with them. Amanda again gives me nudged in the arm and whispers kinda loud go sit by Gary! Well, Gary this time acted like he had no interest whatsoever in me and sat there and dug holes out of his icecream. So we sit there and talk and I keep trying to get Gary more involved in the conversation and nothing works. Finally, Amanda says we need to go but we all should exchange numbers. Again, Gary wants nothing to do with it until Amanda specifically asks Gary did you give Carly your number(I am bright red) and Gary said no but here it is.

We leave and as soon as we get in the car Amanda says he we are having a big group date on Thursday and you should ask Gary. I am thinking yea, right.

Well, that same night we meet up again at my apartment because they thought since I was a freshman I'd be up all night long so they called me. I was really excited so we chatted and I more like starred at Gary the whole entire time. And decided I would asked him and I did the next day through text...lame...I know... but he said yes and I was extremly excited and nervous.

So Thursday comes and the whole group date basically falls through and I am about to cry because what am I going to do now! Well, my roommate says she'd go with us with her boyfriend to Jump On It. It was a good time but we didn't get to talk much so on our way home Amanda calls me and says to come to Sundance and ride the ski lift. Gary was all for it so that was exciting and we sat in a lift all by ourselves for an hour and never had an awkward moment. I think it was a perfect night and since that date we were constantly together.

And that is the story on how we met. I love thinking about it because it makes appreciate God's timing in our lives. Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Basically, I have a test tomorrow and another one I have to take sometime this week and I am no mood to study and especially after a busy day at work.

This semester has been a big change to our little married life style. Gary asked not to be assigned to a sports team this semester so he could basically crack down on school and focus. A lot of people have asked how I've liked that since Gary probably has more time to spend with me and my response is that he's more busy. He currently is at a Chemistry Review about last weeks test (who has a review about a test you already took!) but he's better than me and went to learn more. He studies all the time and is constantly going in to the Labs to go over his homework. He took 3 test last week and did amazing at them so I am glad his hardwork is paying off. He does however miss his free time and wonders if his brain will ever be able to hold that much information. I am just glad he's in that situation because no one would want to count on my chemistry and physics grade to provide for a family.

I am still going to school and finally settled on a major. If I could major in everything I wanted to it would be great but unfortunantly I don't love school enough nor do I want to spend that much time. I still work part-time at a doctor's office in the billing department. Lately, it's been stressful and an amusing job. I got hung up on today...that always brighten my day:( I have come to love Provo so much that the thought of moving one day scares me. I just think I could live here forever and now I am on to convince Gary.

Well, that's all!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vegas Bowl

Gary ended his semester with the BYU football team on a high note. He was picked to go to the Vegas Bowl and have an all expense paid vacation. It was a well deserved opportunity for all his hard work and hours(and considering that the next semester he would be happy if he saw any day light).

Gary did the scariest thing in Vegas, rode the stratosphere. He took the chance because the wife wasn't there. She wasn't all that pleased.

Then it came time for the reason why he was there. The Game! It was cold and windy but the excitement was at its all time best because BYU was playing amazing regardless of everyone elses predictions.

Lastly, the game ended with celebration. I believe Gary was glad it was over at the time, he thought he'd get his life back but sadly those classes..the really hard ones... were ready for him at the next semester.
Gary told me last night he had a dream that he got picked to do BYU football for spring term and he was excited but thought to himself.. Carly is going to be mad.... I laughed....and thought... he knows me pretty well.