Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vegas Bowl

Gary ended his semester with the BYU football team on a high note. He was picked to go to the Vegas Bowl and have an all expense paid vacation. It was a well deserved opportunity for all his hard work and hours(and considering that the next semester he would be happy if he saw any day light).

Gary did the scariest thing in Vegas, rode the stratosphere. He took the chance because the wife wasn't there. She wasn't all that pleased.

Then it came time for the reason why he was there. The Game! It was cold and windy but the excitement was at its all time best because BYU was playing amazing regardless of everyone elses predictions.

Lastly, the game ended with celebration. I believe Gary was glad it was over at the time, he thought he'd get his life back but sadly those classes..the really hard ones... were ready for him at the next semester.
Gary told me last night he had a dream that he got picked to do BYU football for spring term and he was excited but thought to himself.. Carly is going to be mad.... I laughed....and thought... he knows me pretty well.

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