Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Basically, I have a test tomorrow and another one I have to take sometime this week and I am no mood to study and especially after a busy day at work.

This semester has been a big change to our little married life style. Gary asked not to be assigned to a sports team this semester so he could basically crack down on school and focus. A lot of people have asked how I've liked that since Gary probably has more time to spend with me and my response is that he's more busy. He currently is at a Chemistry Review about last weeks test (who has a review about a test you already took!) but he's better than me and went to learn more. He studies all the time and is constantly going in to the Labs to go over his homework. He took 3 test last week and did amazing at them so I am glad his hardwork is paying off. He does however miss his free time and wonders if his brain will ever be able to hold that much information. I am just glad he's in that situation because no one would want to count on my chemistry and physics grade to provide for a family.

I am still going to school and finally settled on a major. If I could major in everything I wanted to it would be great but unfortunantly I don't love school enough nor do I want to spend that much time. I still work part-time at a doctor's office in the billing department. Lately, it's been stressful and an amusing job. I got hung up on today...that always brighten my day:( I have come to love Provo so much that the thought of moving one day scares me. I just think I could live here forever and now I am on to convince Gary.

Well, that's all!

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The Meyers said...

Well we have some chick flicks you can borrow to keep you busy while Gary studies. :) Do I know what you decided on for a major? I think I forgot if I did!