Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I thought since today is Sunday and Valentines Day it would be appropriate to write down how we met and I can call this my journal writing and get extra points. This might be love dovey so warning...

It was the fall of 2007
and I had just moved up north to attend UVU. I was in a scholarship program that gave me roommates so I was excited to meet them all. We hit it off but there was two problems...all had boyfriends and lived up north anyway so going home every weekend was common. This left me alone at night(scary!) and attending church by myself. Luckly, I met some sweet girls down the hall that also lived a couple hours away so they'd keep me company on some weekends. However, I missed home and didn't think attending Dixie would be all that bad. Well, one weekend I talked my friend Jenny(one of the girls down the hall) into going to an institute dance. Jenny was such a trooper and I am forever grateful for generosity she showed me that night.

While we were dancing and having a good time(it was much better then any stake dance) we started talking it up with these two boys. Love at first sight...not really but definitely thinking where have you been my whole life occurred to me while staring at this blond, blue eyed boy who had some dance moves and confidence that was just perfect
. However, he never asked me to dance and would just flirt. It kinda bugged me and when I found out he was 21, his name was Gary, and was from Brigham City(thinking where is that?) a thought entered into my head saying "stay away...he's barely off his mission and has every intention to be a player". So Jenny and I parted ways and continued to dance until someone hit me with their elbow while jumping and it was really painful so we left. But, I couldn't stop thinking about him and supposedly Gary said he looked for me that night after the dance to invite me to his his 22nd birthday party tomorrow.

That night while alone in my apartment I couldn't sleep and decided to look up this so called player on facebook. I think it was a tender mercy his mom named him Gary because not that many 21yr olds attending BYU have that name so of course he showed up immediately. And behold, he was a player! He had about 20 different comments from girls all wishing him a happy birthday or asking him when is the next time we can hangout. But still! I just wanted to see him one more time! And for the rest of the weekend I thought about him...which may sound so creepy and I realize that so Gary never knew about my facebook stalking until we decided to get married and he just laughed and thought it was so funny.

Well, the weekend past by and so did Monday. My good friend Amanda called me up Tuesday and said come down to Provo and lets go out for ice cream. I came to pick up Amanda and while she was getting ready I asked her if I could use her computer to show her something. Amanda has been a childhood friend so she knew me pretty well when I told her all about Gary. Amanda is very upfront and thought I should just add him as a friend and ask him out but that was not me so we continued on to the Malt Shoppe for some icecream. We pull up and I see the other boy at the dance and thought maybe Gary is in there. I didn't say one word to Amanda because again, she likes to be upfront and vocal. We walk in and Gary is there and I am about to faint. However, again Amanda knows me too well and could tell I was really uptight and wouldn't turn around so she turned around and noticed Gary. She then gets up close and personal and whispers..
Carly...I think your man is right behind you is that why you are acting strange
Me: yes Amanda and please don't do anything embarrassing.
Amanda: Carly say hi to will regret it
Me: I am not going to say hi he wont even recognize me
Amanda: well, find we will just have to sit next to them
Me: Fine, I'll say hi!
I turned around and Gary's friend was looking straight at me and I said hey arn't you guys from the dance. He said yes and that I looked familiar. He asked me what my name was again and in the mean time Amanda has our icecream and comes right up and ask them if we can sit with them. Amanda again gives me nudged in the arm and whispers kinda loud go sit by Gary! Well, Gary this time acted like he had no interest whatsoever in me and sat there and dug holes out of his icecream. So we sit there and talk and I keep trying to get Gary more involved in the conversation and nothing works. Finally, Amanda says we need to go but we all should exchange numbers. Again, Gary wants nothing to do with it until Amanda specifically asks Gary did you give Carly your number(I am bright red) and Gary said no but here it is.

We leave and as soon as we get in the car Amanda says he we are having a big group date on Thursday and you should ask Gary. I am thinking yea, right.

Well, that same night we meet up again at my apartment because they thought since I was a freshman I'd be up all night long so they called me. I was really excited so we chatted and I more like starred at Gary the whole entire time. And decided I would asked him and I did the next day through text...lame...I know... but he said yes and I was extremly excited and nervous.

So Thursday comes and the whole group date basically falls through and I am about to cry because what am I going to do now! Well, my roommate says she'd go with us with her boyfriend to Jump On It. It was a good time but we didn't get to talk much so on our way home Amanda calls me and says to come to Sundance and ride the ski lift. Gary was all for it so that was exciting and we sat in a lift all by ourselves for an hour and never had an awkward moment. I think it was a perfect night and since that date we were constantly together.

And that is the story on how we met. I love thinking about it because it makes appreciate God's timing in our lives. Happy Valentines Day!


The Meyers said...

I love it! I have never heard that story and we definitely enjoyed reading how you met. Very cute. Aren't you glad you stalked him? Also, Dave and I were discussing the other day how much we like you two and that we want to see more of you. :)

matt and jess said...

I think everybody facebook stalks people, so good job in actually admitting it ;) That's a cute story. You two were definitely meant to be. Awwww :)

Michael said...

This is way funny hearing your side of the story. Gary was more interested in you than you give yourself credit for. I always did think it was the biggest coincidence seeing you at the Malt Shoppe after Gary talked about you that day.

Jon, Jenn, and Elijah said...

Annie : ) I love it! I'm so glad you posted your story cause I've never heard it before! I wish I knew his side of the story. So cute!