Monday, March 15, 2010


I don't like competition-especially between Gary and I- but once year we fill out our NCAA brakets and spend the rest of March highlighting it(Gary's in blue, Carly's in lovely pink). The record is tied thus far but that will change.

I'll being honest- I don't study it or have watched many games but when March roles around I am all about lazy Friday nights and Satudays(and Sunday) sitting on the couch watching some basketball.

Carly's Winner!

Gary's Winner(booooo)

Gary hasn't learned that us Benham's have pride in one thing and that is in our ROCK CHALK JAYHALWKS- therefore Kansas better win or Gary will have to be kicked out of the family or learn next time to be more loyal.


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matt and jess said...

I remember you did pretty well in the ward bracket competition last year. Good luck! Kick Gary's trash!! ;)