Monday, June 28, 2010


So honestly, I just added the picture to make this post worth reading and adorable. This little guy was 2 weeks old and as cute as can be! He's my newest nephew, Adam.

Along with the update: I am going to make it short because miniature updates will follow...

I am enjoying the HOT weather! It's about time Provo started showing us some love and decided to warm us up and stop with the rain! I can't say that I've been all that busy but really blogging never became up on my list of things to do.
I just finished my spring semester and LOVED IT. I didn't know you could love school that much and actually be sad when classes ended. I guess it is a sign that you are on the right path. As for Gary he did not feel the same towards Molecular Biology and Physiology. However, I am not quite sure things will change for him the next few semesters as he finishes his chemistry's off. I chose not to do a summer semester and just work full time which is nice because I come home and I have nothing hanging over my head! It's a wonderful feeling.
I've made some goals to keep me busy though and blogging is one of them so the whole world wide web will know if I keep it.
I'd really love to tell you that we have the most exciting lives and we are liven the vacation life this summer but that would be a lie. We are adults and we have work and go to school....weird. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary almost 2 months ago and I still can't believe how fast the time has gone....crazy.
Anyway, that's the update for now. Nothing new but maybe in the future :)


The Meyers said...

FINALLY!! (Just kidding) Glad to hear from you! Let's hang out.

Jenn said...

Hey! What are you two up to?? It sounds like you're enjoying provo life. It would be way fun to see you some time : )