Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet My Highschool Chemisty Teacher

This is Mr. Gattung. He has a love for chemistry that I wish I had a smidgen of. He taught Honors Chemisty-no idea how I landed in the class- because it was extremly hard. However, despite how hard it was I enjoyed coming to class everyday because this man loved his job which made me love learning from him.(Side story: He once asked me if I was Mormon, it caught me out of the blue, and I said yes I am. He said he could tell by the way I acted and the morals I must have shown during his class. Unfortunantly, he said he'd be Mormon himself if he could actually believe in the Joseph Smith thing. I'll have to convert him later;))
When I was a little girl I'd pretend to be a teacher and line up my stuff animals and my younger sister. I had lessons plans down and activities to do. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up just like my mom and grandmothers. However, things changed during those teenage years and I no longer dreamed of being a teacher. But despite my change of mind, I still hold teachers at one of the highest professions of all. I don't know how Mr. Gattung or any other teacher I had make it day by day teaching a subject that most their students dreaded. But I am grateful that they chose the profession they did to teach me for my future roles that I would hold. Those special teachers change the world one student at a time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Journal Writing Quetions

Last week I went to my Relief Society get together. We made these Journal Jars that have tons of questions that we can answer. Well, my initial thought was "hey, maybe they will give me ideas what to blog about" because you can tell I struggle. I can keep doing updates but really things around hear are pretty stable...and I prefer it that way because it won't always be that way. So I am starting today with my Journal Writing Question. Enjoy!

-The Most Surprised I've ever been... probably when my colorgaurd squad in high school won state. My team can probably agree with me that we really didn't think we had a shot to actually win it all. We were moved in to an upper division 3 weeks before state-rude- but we couldn't do anything about. Our coach asked us if we really wanted to go through with competing or we could all go to Disney Land instead. I chose competing and for the most part everyone else tagged along too with that idea. Well, we had to find an extra minute of music to be even considered as competitors to the other teams. It was hard but we finally decided on some music and it mixed great! We had two a day practices and worked our butts off just to be at least considered for a trophy. Competition day came and we were all excited and just plain proud of where we had come from that when we competed in the morning I think we were so relaxed and had no pressure that we ended up being amazing! We were placed in 2nd place for the final performance and we were thrilled! We ended up not being as great the 2nd time but must have been better then the other team because we WON! We were all crying and jumping around and just still couldn't believe it had happened!...personally I think our coach was shocked! Anyway, that was the most surprised I had ever been. It felt great when there were two teams still standing and they announced that 2nd place wasn't us. I don't think I've ever squeezed someones hand so hard...sorry megs! I miss those colorguard days :)