Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life as we know it...


I swear every semester just gets busier and when you think you finally have a handle on things the semester is over. Well, this semester sure is in a category of its own. For example, (please note that this entry is only for the people who want me to update more often, Jessica:) )

Carly's Day on Wednesday

7:30am Wake up Call--- I actually get to sleep in!!!!

9:00am Stats Class

10:00am Book of Mormon

11:00am Home and Family Class

12:00-12:20pm Eat Lunch---suppppper fast and smooch Gary

12:20-12:40om Drive to Work(Timp Hospital)

12:40-5:00pm Work non stop because there is a lot of stuff to get done

5:00-5:30pm Drive home and stay patient in traffic

5:30pm-10:00pm Homework, a lot of reading

10:00pm Go get dinner because I am starving and Gary is finally home

11:00pm Go to bed and have sweet dreams

Gary's Day

7:30am I wake him up

9:00am Take Carly to school and study on campus

10:00am New Testemant

11:00am Organic Chemistry

12:00pm Take Carly home and eat lunch

12:30-5:45pm study, talk w/ teachers, do research, and get his TV fix(so he can watch Football)

5:45-7:00pm Softball Game, they won!

7:00-10:00pm Meet new ward members and welcome them into the ward...Visits were scheduled ever 15mins

10:00pm Take Carly to get something to eat because she is starving and waited all night for him to get home

11:00pm Go to bed and smooch Carly

That is one day in the exciting Life of Carly and Gary. Everday is different schedule but just as nuts but we are getting through it. Ask us how we are doing a couple weeks in to school and it might be a different story. People have told us that even after college you think your life will slow down but it doesn't, just gets more busy!

And to make this post the most exciting thing ever, I'll add a picture.

This picture was taken the day after we got engaged and I was already on the phone with my mother planning which day we should do, receptions plans, and flight plans. It was a whirlwind! And Gary was being himself and trying to distract the coversation by doing an automatic picture.


jess said...

Sounds like you're the busy one while Gary gets to lounge around ;) I wish you the best of luck this semester, and thanks for updating your blog!

The Meyers said...

Cute! You guys DO sound busy. I'm glad we all got to take a break from the busy days and go cabineering! :)