Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1 more Credit!

So I signed up for Winter Semester last night and I need one more credit to be a full time student and I need some ideas?
Anyone know of some awesome 1 credit classes or possibly 2.
I am thrilled beyond imagination that I have this problem because I thougtht this day would never come!

...and can I just tell you that I love my classes and future classes....Gary has never seen me so happy about school!!!!

Shoot me some ideas!!


Mike said...

Temples class was a great 1 credit class. Its taught by an old blind guy. There was a class in recreation management that I looked at that seemed really similar to the "participation skills" class our high school offered. Flexibility is one I always wish I would've taken. Probably one of the best classes I've ever taken was a 2 credit Personal Finance class; although you probably had to take family finance, which I hear is pretty much the same class. Good luck! I always wanted to take sculpture, but never got around to it, so you should take advantage.

Kristyn said...

I loved all the religion classes (I know they're 2 credits, but with the right professor they aren't too bad)I know it sounds crazy, but one of my favorites was writings of Isaiah and I took it from Terry Ball. It was really easy and I loved it.

Jodi Pitchforth said...

modern dance :) well, no seriously, dance 180 - social dance