Sunday, October 10, 2010

4th Time

(It is not the greatest picture of me but if I explained to you my day I am pretty sure you'd be sympathetic to me)
As some people know, our first date involved the Sundance Ski Lift and it's pretty much where I decided I liked Gary for more than just his looks, yea I know I am a sleaze head. Since then we've celebrated that experience every year by attending the full moon ride. This year was our fourth year and next year might be our last because hopefully we will be leaving Provo, fingers crossed. Anyway, it has been a great tradition and it always brings back great memories of that first date and what were we actually thinking in our heads. Gary was thinking- he wanted to cuddle but thought it was too fast and I'd think he was a player. I was thinking- I wish he cuddle with me because I like him and I am cold, and I was also thinking he was a player because his facebook exposed many girlfriends so I am just another one,ya ya. So the next year we were married and turned out I was wrong about Gary being a player! It was just his birthday the next day and all his friends-you happened to be girls- were wishing him happy birthday and I over analyzed things like girls do and thought the worst. Go Figure!

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