Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

October has been a great month for the Allen family. We started off the fall season with seeing/killing more spiders in our apartment than usual, there couldn't have been a more perfect way to start off Halloween! And we carved this beauty too. Unfortunately, we didn't take a day one photo of him because we thought we'd be able to enjoy him longer than a week, wrong! He was mouldy inside and out...and if you look close...he was drooling:) Gary went to throw him away and couldn't even grab him because there was no substance, it was great! Sadly, it happened to all our neighbors pumpkins too:(

The Barber's hosted a "Pirate" themed murder mystery dinner. Gary was a pirate who spoke but couldn't understand him because of his thick accent and I was the tavern owner who didn't trust men so I carried a rolling pin where ever I go. Everyone did a great job on playing their roles and it created a unforgettable night of friends and laughter. I must include Nicole, who did a fantastic job on the food and the divine chocolate cake. It was great of her parents let us party at their home. Thanks!

Gary and I are sure going to miss this group of friends. Gary was roommates with all four boys the year we met, got engaged, and married. So we have all been through a lot together of the same things together, for instance getting married. I couldn't have picked a better group of married couples to be around. However, we will start to go our separate ways starting in December to go on to bigger and better things. Not quite sure how I feel about it...erinn...and dave.

Our next party we were invited to was thrown by Mrs Jenny Benham and Sarah Swiegger. It was very well planned and we got to know other great couples. Gary continued to be a pirate and I bought a $8 kitty outfit, score! I really wanted to be a princess but somehow $50 was hard to swallow.

We played a The Flour Game and Gary lost and had to pick up the hot tamale with his teeth.
He wasn't getting dirty enough so I helped him by stuffing his face in the flour, I got a death glare and pointed at Kyle as if he did it. He quickly forgave me:)

Then we played a game where the boys and girls spinned in a circle ten times and then you had to eat and swallow the donut first to win. Rory put everyone to shame by swallowing it in one gulp and not even chewing.
We ended the night by playing mafia and everyone was so into it, it was great! I couldn't have planned a better Halloween party, so thanks goes out to Jenny and Sarah.
So in closing a miniature update on our lives: Gary's calling is finally reaching a plateau. We added about 60 new couples in our ward starting in August and the bishopric has been busy trying to meet new people and sustain callings. Gary is loving serving the ward, and he loves to tell me all the people's names he knows more than I do(which is a first). His classes haven't been too stressful but I always know when a physics and organic chemistry test is coming up because I lost of my kitchen table space to books and papers. For me, I am loving school. I get excited to attend my sewing class twice a week and Joanns fabric store is turning into my weakness. Work is work and that's about all I need to say. We are just loving life and we really can't wait for the future holidays!


jess said...

I think your pumpkin is scarier looking when it's moldy...and it's more unique :) Looks like you had fun with all of your costumes. We didn't dress up at all :)

Mike said...

Yeah, we feel the same way about our group of friends. I've spent the last few days trying to figure out how to get all of you to end up in Lubbock. No good ideas yet. Its the end of an era!!

Nicole and Garrett said...

Thanks Carly! And I must add, yeah, Dave..and Erinn...