Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not Giving Up!

I am still working on my goal to blog more...but for the next week I'll be missing in action! Therefore, be prepared for when I get back!
Have a Merry Christmas!!!! HO HO HO

PS: start thinking of ways so I don't steal the sheets from Gary every night... he's kinda sick of it and I am kinda sick of being woken up in the middle of the night because he is stealing them back! grrr... :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

First annual Allen Family Christmas Card(blog style)
Gary: Has had a lot on his plate this year, and he handled it with ease. He's been going to school non-stop since Fall 09' and will graduate this upcoming April in Athletic Training. He's excited to see the end in sight but really, there is no end. Last week the UPS man drop off a load of MCAT prep-course materials and Gary just can't wait to dig through them after Christmas break is over, NOT. The big day is April 29th and I think I am more nervous than he is. Gary received a new ward calling in August and it was to be the 1st Counselor in the Bishopric in our married student ward. It threw both of us in to complete shock, and we wondered how Gary was going to survive. Well, we shouldn't have worried, because Gary wouldn't have it any other way. He loves the people in our ward so much and it has been such a nice surprise that he knows more people than I do! He's been blessed that is for sure. However, things still haven't changed for Gary's love of sports. He handled in being 5 intramural sports this semester, eats his cereal, lunch and dinner with ESPN on, on 2 fantasy football teams, and held loyal to his BYU football team through and through this year. That alone should be his full time job, we'd be getting paid $$$$.
Carly: Changed her major for the 5th or 6th time(in all reality, I stopped counting) and finally chose Home and Family Living. SHE LOVES IT. Gary tried to convince her that a long time ago, but she wouldn't commit and now she wonders why she didn't listen to him the first time. She plans to take every sewing class there is to take at BYU so that one day she can sew for money, and for the plain fact that she loves it. Her graduation date is still undecided, and she likes it that her more options(but don't worry Mom and Dad, I will graduate!). Carly is serving in the Relief Society, and is amazed by talented women she is surrounded with. She works at the OB clinic still and comes home with funny/frightful stories on a daily basis...(I work in the collections dept.). Her favorite things this year are sewing, blogging ;), indulging herself in the cricut machine, and watching Gary watch sports.
Gary and I this year are most grateful for our Savior and his birth. We are grateful for his life he lead and for the example he set for us to get back to Him.
We wish you all a Merry and Happy Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wife's Intuition

So late Sunday night,
(it was more like 11pm, Gary often has to remind me at times when I am complaining of loud music outside our apartment that it is only 12am...and that we used to stay up the late too...and it is not late for a town like Provo)
Anyway on with my story...
we were cuddling in bed talking about finals and the conversation turned to how one day Gary will be a cadaver. He thinks I am going to buried alone and he'll be on a table somewhere in the Widstow building being picked and poked at. I tell him to knock it off and I try to think of a new subject, because talking about a Gary being a cadaver isn't really uplifting....
So, I think to ask him about this paper he told me about about over the week and how the teacher really gave no instructions what so ever.
Carly: So when are going to write that paper that is due sometime this week?
Gary: What paper?
Carly: Well, I don't know, the one you said is do the day of your final?
Gary: huh?
Carly: The one the teacher didn't give you any instructions on.
Gary: (rolls out of cuddle position and places hands over his face) OH MY HECK!
Well goodnight, I've got a paper to write(hops out of bed)
Carly: (feeling really bad that I hadn't brought it up early because I had been thinking about it all week wondering why he was never working on it and just thought it must be due sometime in the middle of the week) Gar, I am sorry(trying not to giggle and cry).
So there you have it, I should have followed my gut earlier and asked him. I've had similar experiences to this one that makes me think I can receive some intuition on Gary's part. And hopefully I'll better next time with acting on it early. However, I did save Gary's grade! And he was grateful for that :)
Gary finished around 1am and then we both able to go to sleep.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I vow to be better...

at blogging. I was thinking of some new year goals and I thought that blogging would be a great one. And then I thought why wait! So here goes nothing...
A part of me likes blogging and then another part of me doesn't...Why?
because I feel like have to show off in a way and exclaim to the world that the Allen household is perfect. (which is completely wrong and sorry if you felt like you were giving false information)
Why do I feel this way?... because I am scared of being judge, by who, I don't know because only our closest friends and families ever read this and they don't judge.
So here goes to being more honest about the lives of Gary and Carly,
but don't worry I will not express our deepest darkest secrets like the one time(s) Gary slept on the couch...
I will just let you in on little secrets like...
I told Gary I wanted to wait to make dinner with him because I just didn't want to do all on my own. However, I feel guilty now because he was at Church all day doing Bishopric stuff and is now doing his home teaching. So I am repenting and I am off to go make some dinner so that when he comes home it is all done:)
Toodles... :)