Monday, December 13, 2010

Wife's Intuition

So late Sunday night,
(it was more like 11pm, Gary often has to remind me at times when I am complaining of loud music outside our apartment that it is only 12am...and that we used to stay up the late too...and it is not late for a town like Provo)
Anyway on with my story...
we were cuddling in bed talking about finals and the conversation turned to how one day Gary will be a cadaver. He thinks I am going to buried alone and he'll be on a table somewhere in the Widstow building being picked and poked at. I tell him to knock it off and I try to think of a new subject, because talking about a Gary being a cadaver isn't really uplifting....
So, I think to ask him about this paper he told me about about over the week and how the teacher really gave no instructions what so ever.
Carly: So when are going to write that paper that is due sometime this week?
Gary: What paper?
Carly: Well, I don't know, the one you said is do the day of your final?
Gary: huh?
Carly: The one the teacher didn't give you any instructions on.
Gary: (rolls out of cuddle position and places hands over his face) OH MY HECK!
Well goodnight, I've got a paper to write(hops out of bed)
Carly: (feeling really bad that I hadn't brought it up early because I had been thinking about it all week wondering why he was never working on it and just thought it must be due sometime in the middle of the week) Gar, I am sorry(trying not to giggle and cry).
So there you have it, I should have followed my gut earlier and asked him. I've had similar experiences to this one that makes me think I can receive some intuition on Gary's part. And hopefully I'll better next time with acting on it early. However, I did save Gary's grade! And he was grateful for that :)
Gary finished around 1am and then we both able to go to sleep.


The Meyers said...

Hahaha! That is one lucky guy to have you for a wife.

Nicole and Garrett said...

that's funny!