Sunday, January 30, 2011

Iron Chef

Last weekend Gary and I participated in an Iron Chef competition with our great friends.
Key ingredient: Peppers

Nicole and Erinn working hard as their husbands....
chat it up about their coveted FSU football team. They had to leave the kitchen because football and cooking don't go together in one room. We had a good laugh.
Gary watching over our dish, making sure everything is cooking just nicely.
The Matthews get the team award because of the matching aprons. The best part was that Mike wasn't ashamed and wore it in style.
Finished Product:
Nicole and Garrett- Jack Pepper Cheese Biscuits
They also made the desert which was fried bananas covered in brown sugar, yum.
Dave and Erinn- I do not remember the name but it was delicious: peppers,cream cheese, stuffed in a crescent roll
Mike and Katie- sliders with a gourmet pepper and cheese topping
Us- bow tie pasta with a pepper marinara sauce
The food was fantastic and the company was great, we were missing Tyler and Jodi but they joined us later when we went and watched BYU win at Mike and Katie's apartment. It was a great night and so refreshing to get away from homework and responsibility to just laugh with people who are going through the same stage of life... also the boys love reminiscing about their past life as roommates.


The Meyers said...

Thanks for posting this! What a fun night.

Mike said...

This night was sheer genius.