Monday, January 3, 2011

Mexican Rivera: Day 1 & 2

It all started Easter Day when our whole family was in St. George, except Nate. But for some odd reason when my parents gave us our little Easter bag they insisted Nate be on the phone with us all. Well, it was because of an envelope inside(which I was thinking it must be $$), so my parents asked us all to open the letter up together. Well, you can imagine the madness that when on after that when we opened up a read: You are invited to the First and LAST(my dad added that in) Benham Cruise over the Christmas Break. So, the countdown has been on and now it is over and we all couldn't be more sad that we are back in the real world.

We woke up at 5am to catch our 7:30am flight out to LAX airport. We were so excited-so waking up that early didn't even phase us. Well, we should have woken up earlier because we made it through security and heard, "Finally, boarding for Southwest Flight out to LAX airport". Gary was hoping for a scene like Home Alone...and we got it, we started bookin it...and made it!
Here are the 5 flyers when we all got into Los Angles-waiting for our shuttle to take us to the ship!

The whole Benham Family(12) together for Christmas-it won't happen again for another 6 years. We were all giddy loading on to the ship. Most Benham's haven't ever been on a cruise so we had no expectations-and we loved every minute of it.

Gary and Me! Excited to be on the Boat! -I think the 5am wake up call is finally wearing on Gary;)

First Dinner-I am wearing the skirt I made in sewing class. I promised myself I would try new things and I am glad I did. Our waiters were great, and so was the rest of the cruise staff. We felt like kings who ate a LOT after the 7days.
First thing Monday morning the boys played in a ping-pong tournament. Blake took second place and it made my mother happy to know our ping-pong table was worth buy.

They had an all you can eat soft served ice-cream, so we took a lot of "walks" around the boat and then some how we would end up with a cone in our hand. It was delicious. I think my Dad took the most "walks".

The boys enjoyed going rock climbing too. Blake with his great gymnastic skills put Nate and Gary to shame. He was up there in 2 seconds.

It was also Baby Bethany's birthday on Monday so we celebrated her big day. She turned 12 and got a lot of earrings. Nate gave her laptop earrings and we were all dieing, but the best was the pair of earrings Kyle and Jenny gave her-if you know my family-you know that we are the BIGGEST Jayhawk fans alive-well Bethany now owns a pair of Jayhawk earrings that are so big her ears hurt when she puts them in. It was so fitting for our family.

Monday was the first formal night and I convinced Gary to wear a pink shirt to match me. It took a lot of coxing and convincing him we do not look like high school dance dates-maybe. It also took some effort to just convince him to pack his suit. He thought the cruise was a break from his suit, I assured him it was not.
My mother sent out an email a couple nights before we left on the cruise stating the apparel for dinner: NO Jayhawk apparel, no khaki shorts, no basketball shorts, no t-shirts, and again...absolutely no Jayhawk apparel. The boys did well and only complained a little.

We took a family picture- with intentions to make the "real" one the second formal night.
But still enjoyed the cheesiness of it all. We were all in heaven!

We came back from dinner to find an elephant on our bed. Bethany was stoked every night to get back from dinner and to see what the new animal it was. We were also graced with a bunny, monkey, and doggy.

That night we ended with going to Johnny Rockets on the boat and had a great time. We danced to the YMCA and ate some onion rings, fries, and Oreo sundaes.

Our first two days on the boat were a dream and we were excited to see what our destination stops had in store for us. We kept losing track of time and we never wanted to bring up which day it was in case it made time speed up faster.


jess said...

Cruises are the best! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip :)

The Meyers said...

The whole trip looks so fun! Glad you had a good time.