Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mexican Rivera: Day 3,4, & 5

Cabo San Lucas
-beautiful fish, scary experience swimming w/ them but got use to it (especially for Baby B)
-salt water = nasty
-Carlos, great tour guide
-semi-cold water, it's December
-see the Sun
-went to a Carlos's favorite fish stop, interesting
-introduced to pesos
-awesome first day on the beach!
-Party on the Beach
-Close encounters w/ sea lions
-scenic boat ride
-banana boat ride (Gary tipping the banana boat causing his mother-in-law to go under, off the Christmas list)
-pictures w/ iguanas, gross
-Utah VS Boise State (go Boise)
-laying out in the sun
-horse carriage ride
-Hugo, another awesome tour guide(How about that! Take a picture)
-authentic Mexican food
-flat soda... :(

Puerto Vallarta
-last stop in Mexico
-another beautiful day
-sailing through the trees!
 -w/ the Sexy Mexicans as they called themselves: they had our whole family died from laughing
-Baby B got scared but made it through!
-about 15 mosquito bites on each person
-ate at a delicious Mexican resturaunt
-bus ride to the Mexican Baskin Robins, yum
-bought souvinours
-Wonderful Day!

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Mike said...

Awesome! It makes me wish I didn't have to go up 4000 feet in order to see the sun. You'll have to let us know if you'd want to re-do it again this summer.