Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mexican Rivera: Day: 6 & 7

Boating Back to LA:
Friday we spent boating and anticipating Christmas Day. We kept it low key. The boys played a lot of mini golf, the girls read their books in their rooms(that day it was freezing), and we ate a lot of ice cream and food. That night Nate sang in karaoke contest and we played some rounds of UNO. We had some great family togetherness!
 Christmas Day:

Christmas Morning we slept in,walked around the boat, and soaked in some sun. We did stockings and everyone was in charge of buying a stocking stuffer for each person. All 12 of us stuffed ourselves in my parent's room and by the end of opening all the gifts we were dieing of heat.
Later in in the afternoon we all treated ourselves to some Johnny Rockets and soda!
And that night was our last dinner on the boat and we took another family photo. It was one of the best days on the boat thus far.
Getting Off the Boat:
To say the very least we were all so sad to depart from our ship. It was a great vacation and a much needy one. Thanks Mom and Dad! It was the best Christmas! 
The family went their separate ways after this photo...Gary and I boarded the plane to come back to Provo so I could start work the next day. Back to the real world.

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