Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Three years ago today- Gary and I got engaged! Crazy, huh? Well, I thought I'd share the story.
Gary and I decided we wanted to get married Dec 25th, yep Christmas Day. A few days after Christmas we started going ring shopping, went on for a few days...shouldn't have because the first ring I tried on was the ONE.
Well, I started school at UVU Jan 4th, but was excited to get done and go party with Gary all day long-BYU hadn't started yet. While sitting in math class I get a text from Gary.
"hey, I was just wondering if it was okay if I went snowboarding with a friend today, I'll be home later tonight"
Oh boy was I upset, but we were in love and I couldn't be mad at him and deny him of one of his greatest passions. So I text back...
"Ya, see ya tonight"
It was a very lonely day. Then 6pm rolled around and Gary called me and I was SO happy to hear his voice. He asked if I could drive down to his apartment....WHAT, after being apart all day he wanted ME to drive to HIS place. Again, we were in love and I just said ok because I was dieing to see him.
I show up... knock on the door, and it takes a minute before Gary gets to the door and turns on all the lights in the apartment. The minute I walked in it hit me that this was IT!!!
I was overjoyed and was so willing to forgive Gary for being a dork- and comes to find out he was lieing about the whole snowboarding thing, he was trying to get things planned.
He proposed first thing and then we ate Papa John's pizza over candlelight.
(I was craving Papa John's the whole week)
It was a great night and is still such a vivid memory!
I just can't believe it was 3 years ago?!?


Jenn said...

I'm so glad you posted your story! I'd never heard it before. And by the way, its a good one! : )

MikeandKatie said...

Cute story!!! I never knew that the boys' apartment could look so good.