Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BYU Basketball

Gary and I decided it would be a great opportunity to show are true Cougar pride by attending BYU VS San Diego last Wednesday. I started waiting in line Tuesday at 9:15am. It was a cold, cold day, and by the time we had our wristbands secured around our wrists my toes and hands were numb, and I was also an hour late to work. Then came the next day-GAME DAY-waited in line starting at 4pm-game started at 8:15pm. Gary and I were so excited and kept wishing that all our waiting would be well worth it and BYU didn't disappoint. It was a memorable experience.
When the game came to an end, it was time to take off our wristbands, and  I had a hard time with it. I had worked so hard to get one that cutting it off without a ceremony seemed to be so hard. Thankfully, I think the athletic department learned there lesson and wont be administering wristbands anymore!

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Mike said...

Yes! I really think that this was one of those things that I won't forget about in my life. I've never been to a sporting event so loud. I felt bad for Katie, she thought it started at 7 the whole time we were waiting, then it started at 8.