Sunday, May 8, 2011


I know, I know! I didn't even keep my new year's resolution for even a quarter of the year. I wish I had something amazing to tell you all why I've fallen off the face of the blogging world, but I don't. So to recap the last few months....
February- My brother, Blake, gave his farewell speech and entered the MTC.
                We found out Gary had passed the BOC (huge blessing) and could search for a "real" job.
                 I started making a hoodie in sewing class and I now wear it often.
March- Gary and I competed in the only competition in our marriage- NCAA Tournament- I was behind    from the start.
            We spent lots of time watching basketball- and rooted on BYU and Kansas, unfortunately we didn't get to cheer for them long.
             I turned 23. (The age I had planned on getting married, ha)
April- Gary graduated! Woot Woot!
          Gary got back his grades in OChem and OChem lab and did a lot better then he ever expected. Hard Work!
          He couldn't really celebrate though, he took the MCAT a week after graduation. He states it was the worst test he has ever taken. We find out his scored the beginning of June.
           I started Spring Semester- I am taking a Special Topics class in swimwear and knits and Advanced Sewing. I spend half of my days sewing and love it.
          Gary was offered 3 jobs. An answer to many prayers.
May- Gary and I celebrated our 3rd year Anniversary. We try to do something romantic every year and this year we went and spent a night in Park City.
           Gary accepted a job but the contract isn't signed so I am just going to have to keep you all in suspense for now :)
            My brother, Blake, goes to Russia tomorrow, after spending 12 weeks in the MTC. He is so excited and I am excited for him.

And that's about it in a nutshell. I have pictures I will post and funny stories to tell, and hopefully in a few days Gary's employment status to be thrilled about.


The Meyers said...

A job! Congrats! I am definitely in suspense.

Alyssa and Ryan said...

Carly! It has been way too long since we've gotten together. I didn't know your brother is serving his mission in Russia. What mission is he in? My brother is going to be serving his mission in Moscow, Russia. He doesn't go to the MTC until June 26th but maybe they'll see each other there.