Friday, June 3, 2011

Medical School

Gary got back his MCAT scores on Wednesday (they were awesome) and we applied to almost 20 schools on Wednesday too! I just have to express my excitement because I am so happy for Gary and for all his hard work and that this dream of his is well on its way! We are so excited for next 6 months ahead, and I know Gary is anxiously awaiting the secondary applications ;) What I am not excited for is dropping hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars but at the same time I am because that means we are getting somewhere, and might as well get used to it! Gary applied to a school that 1 year of medical school is $40,000...yeah, so we will just get used to dropping lots of $$$.

Anyway it has been a great week!


The Meyers said...

Good job, Gary!

Mike said...

Congrats! It was good to talk to you today. Yeah, get used to the $$. From what I've seen, I think most med school tuitions are going to be MUCH higher than what was posted for last year or 2 years ago due to the recession. States don't have the funding to pour into med schools as much. OHSU, where Katie was praying I got in to was over $60 grand a year for tuition alone. One day I started adding up all my expenses to get into med school: the MCAT class, the MCAT, applications, secondary applications, flights, etc. I got sick before I was even close to being finished. Good luck, I'm hoping you guys end up at Tech with us.