Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Allen

Will be making HIS debut on January 9th!
As parents to be we are thrilled and are really excited to meet him.
He moves a lot and it is the most unbelievable feeling, and dad is slightly jealous he can't experience it.
Dad already has hopeful plans that he will come in time to cuddle with him for the NCAA Champion Football game.
We went and watched the BYU Blue and White game this morning and peanut(as we call him) wouldn't stop moving, Dad said "of course, he's excited about football, he knows what is good for him".
Mom dreams and shops for all the adorable things she can put him in and Dad would just be happy if his boy just wore t-shirts and basketball shorts like him.
Names?...peanut. That's all we got now. Mom has learned she has to wait until Dad is in the mood to talk names our she gets some unusual responses.
January can't come soon enough in the Allen home!
As for other great news in the Allen home...Gary has received 5 interviews for medical schools so far, wahoo!