Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peanut is coming into View

22 week Belly shot

24 week Belly Shot

Alright so I finally have a belly and it is finally larger than Gary's. I am currently in the best few weeks of pregnancy and everyone that I talk to tell me how much they loved this stage of pregnancy. Well, I am loving it! I have an appetite, cravings, energy, and  I feel peanut move all the time. Gary too has felt peanut moved and he now likes to invade my belly and push it because it makes peanut respond. However, I have tried to convince Gary that is still my belly with peanut inside but it doesn't seem to change things. One thing I don't enjoy about being pregnant, I am officially dumber and more blond. I thought every time someone blamed something on being pregnant it was just an excuse, well I don't think that anymore. I searched all my steps today in the mall because I thought I lost my keys and I had checked everywhere, well no worries after going to every store I found them in my front jeans pocket. It was pregnancy moment! So peanut doesn't have much right now for his homecoming except some adorable clothes but that's because we have been spending so much on plane tickets!

So I will update you on Gary. Basically he has left me to be alone all of September as he flies all over the country to medical schools interviews. It has been such an exciting time and so far Gary states that every interview has gone great. We are still hoping for a few more requests but as of right now we are extremely grateful for the interviews we have gotten. As for Gary's job at Lone Peak Highschool, he is loving it! It sures keeps him very busy and leaves me lonely(but I've had fun sewing). He especially loves the fact that it doesn't take him 40minutes to commute everyday to work and back because we moved!
We now live in Lehi and love our new place. It has 3 bedrooms, washer and dryer, and just is new! No more 1970's green oven! However, we really miss Provo and all our close friends and ward. We know our love for Lehi and ward will come but it will take time.
Furthermore, basically my life is the same as last semester... I work and go to school. But no more school or work after Peanut arrives! He will be my cuddle buddy 24/7 and I have tried to convince my self not to start a paper ring countdown. I am just trying my best to love this stage!


Jodi said...

you're adorable carly.

Katie said...

You are one beautiful pregnant woman, Carly!
Miss ya!

jess said...

Love those pictures! I'm glad you're feeling well. And feeling a baby move in your stomach is a pretty cool feeling :) I'm so excited for you!!

The Meyers said...

What a great post. So excited things are so awesome, and you look stunning.

Jenn said...

Oh! You're so cute! You're 25 weeks now?? On the count down! Isn't it crazy to think you more than half way there?! Congratulations! : )