Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Austin! Part 2

So we made it to the hospital without running out of gas.
Getting out of the car and walking into labor and delivery was surreal.
With every step another gush of water would come on and I was just praying that it wouldn't leak on to the floor.
We checked in and I explained how I think my water broke so the ob secretary took me to room 104.
#7 The ob secretary set me up for the the nurse and I was getting really nervous because it seemed like she had no clue what she was doing. When she walked out Gary turned to me and asked if they had ever delivered babies here...we later found out she was brand new.
While we were waiting for the nurse I changed into the lovely gown and set myself on the bed. The nurse came in and immediately set up all the monitors on my belly. She then explained the test she would do to see if my water really did break. At this point I was praying so hard that the test would come out positive because the opposite would mean that I would need to set up a urologist appt, ha. Well right before she checked me another gush came...embarrassing. But the test was positive and I was a 2 and 90% effaced! (I was a 1 and 70% effaced for 4 weeks and that was 3 membrane strips so this was a good sign)
Well at this time it was 7:30am and my nurse said she'd call my doctor and let him know I am here and she'd back to start my IV.
She came back about 15 minutes later and my doctor wanted me to start on pitocin since my contractions weren't strong or consistent. The IV went in great and I was relieved because everyone who had a baby and an epidural explained the IV hurt more.
My nurse gave us her advice to not get the epidural until I started feeling strong contractions. (my nurse was awesome, she even let me eat! and brought cookies!)
However, I explained that I knew it could take forever for the anesthesiologist to show up but she promised me that she could get him in my room 15minutes after I requested it so I agreed to wait.
In the meantime Gary and I were more with it and started making a list of everything thing we forgot so he could go back and get it and get gas. Gary left around 8:45am and I was hoping he'd be back before anything happened.
I watched TV...
The contractions were getting stronger. By 9:45am the contractions hurt bad and were consistent.
#8 My husband was no where to be found! and I wanted to request my epidural but I wanted Gary there.
Finally by 10am(it seemed like a life time) my nurse came in and I requested for my epidural. I just came to the fact Gary would just have to miss it so I called to tell him. However he was walking right in!
# 9 It took Gary and extra long time because he ended up losing his keys in the car so he searched He found them near the car seat when he came back out. He also forgot to eat breakfast so he went to McDonald's.
Now we were just waiting for the anesthesiologist to show up and make my pain go away!