Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Hour

5th time since January 3rd
It truly is my happy hour
especially today since Peanut is supposed to be out
but he's not.

Sonic Kid: Large Strawberry Limeade... that is a $1.07
Me: here is 7 cents and a dollar
Sonic Kid: when are you due?
Me: uh.....(caught off guard) TODAY!
Sonic Kid: oh really?! what are you doing here getting a drink then?
Me: well he hasn't come yet and I need something drink with my sorrow
Sonic Kid: ohhhhhh, okay well goodluck!
Me: thanks!

So basically that is my January 9th in a nutshell with out my little peanut, only in due time....


sarahspencer said...

carly sue I had completely forgotten about those delicious beverages at Sonic until I read this post. Sonic will forever remind of you. Hope peanut hurry's up! can't wait to see pictures!

jess said...

Good luck!! Those last few days (especially the ones after the due date) are rough, but the end result makes it all worth it!!!