Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

This outfit is one that Gary wore as a baby.
1. visited Dad at work- the ladies loved him
2. traveled to St. George and was perfect
3. went to Church for the first time and was almost perfect- started crying right before the sacrament but Dad got him to fall a sleep
4. he's getting a double chin- Gary and I can't believe it
5. he hates tummy time but his neck is getting stronger so we will keep doing it
6. he is starting to be a lot more playful(attentive)... his day no longer consists of eat, sleep, and poop... now it is eat, sleep, poop, and play!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits..on wednesday

1. when he needs to toot we can tell, his face will turn bright red
2. he had another photoshoot and this time no acne!
3. when he is waking up he starts with karate chopping, which leads to him hitting his face, which then causes moaning that turns into crying. it can be a 30minute process until he is fully awake- just like his Mom
4. we got breastfeeding finally down... it has been the biggest trial I have had since he's been born. there is nothing natural about breastfeeding(but now it completly is). it takes a lot of hardwork, patience, and consistency...and a good lactation specialist to tell you that your amazing no matter what you do!
5. if he is hungry and I am just not ready yet I will stick the binky in his mouth and he will go at it! He will make the loudest sucking noises(Gary and I can't stop laughing), followed by ripping it out of his mouth and being completly offended that I tricked him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Austin! Part 3

The anesthesiologist was in my room in less than 10 minutes.
He came in rolling his own table of supplies and I tried my hardest not to search for the "needle", especially when he had to do 20 questions with me before starting. (like name, date of birth, allergies...etc)
He had me lay in the fetal position on the bed with a portion of my back hanging off the bed. It is really hard to curl in that position when you have a basketball for a stomach and painful contractions(it is the last position I wanted to be in when they came on).
Well, remember the part of the story when I mentioned I was relieved that my IV went in smoothly because people had told me that the IV hurt worst than the epidural.
#10 Well according to my anesthesiologist I happened to be the .01% that he didn't get the epidural in the first time with no complications.
The first time he tried he hit one of my vertebrae and then tried again and again until I was screaming(yes, I turned into one of those!) because the lidocain wore off.
He then would attempt about 4 more times with more lidocain, screams, and contractions.
I felt so bad that I couldn't control my own body from flinching every time he poked me and he kept apologizing too and told me he never has this much trouble, so I automatically knew something was wrong with me.
Comes to find out my vertebrae are so close together that the space in between where the epidural goes is so small that is takes extreme precision and curving my back as much as I could to make the space big enough.
So they final had me sit up in the bed, curl over my belly and hold on to Gary. And the anesthesiologist sounded a lot more confident that this time it work because I was able to hold still and curve my back enough.
#11 it didn't work- this was try #6 and I thought I probably end up delivering without an epidural.
I was choking back tears.
The nurse and doctor had concern in their eyes and Gary later said he felt so bad because there was nothing he could do.
He tried again. More lidocain shots(they start to hurt really bad when it is in the same spot) and the back is tender.
It worked!
In a matter of minutes I started feeling the warmness crawl up my legs and in about 10mins all my pain was gone.
My nurse later told me that the doctor felt so bad and was really concerned how I was doing. He even asked me before he left if we were still friends. haha
Even after all I went through for the epidural I would never considered doing it any differently next time, the contractions I felt were enough and I have no desire to feel a bowling ball going through my legs:)
It was around 11:30ish and my nurse checked me.
I was now a 4 at almost 100% effaced.
Now the rest of the time before 3pm(when things started getting exciting) consisted of talking about how our lives are about to change, watching TV, and giving phone and text updates to family.
The next time I was checked was an hour later and I was an 8.
Another hour later I was a 9.
And another hour later I was a 10 and it was time to get things moving!

To be continued...

1 Month Old

Tuesday Tidbits

 1.found his voice and he will make a great yeller at a basketball game:)
2. smiled for the first time at his Dad... Dad was over the moon
3. was babysat for the first time and according to them, he was great and super cute
4. no longer fits into newborn clothes but is too small for 0-3months (I am sure it will change soon)
5. he poops twice in a row. let me explain- he goes and we change him and than no longer than 5 minutes later he will go again! So we tried waiting it out and without fail no matter how long we wait he still goes through 2 diapers. As parents we have just had to learn to laugh about it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Now that I have a kid- the blog will mostly be all about him...my life revolves around him. (I will finish the birth story eventually, I promise)

1. Austin is 3 weeks old and officially has broke out in baby acne. It is so sad. I have a newborn with a 16yr old face. Thankfully, it will most likely be gone when we bless him...unfortunately his newborn pictures were taken on Saturday and my sister had to work her magic and get rid of his pimples :(
2. He loves his hands! Most babies love to be swaddled super tight with their arms tied down. Not my baby. He screams if we do and the minute we let his hands out he chills out.
3. About his hands... he sleeps with one arm across his body and the other arm is vertical right by his face. I will get a picture of it sometime.
4. Sleeping doesn't exist in long intervals. Last night he was up every hour and half.
5. He has officially peed on both his parents. I considered it as my official welcome to being a mother to a boy.