Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Now that I have a kid- the blog will mostly be all about him...my life revolves around him. (I will finish the birth story eventually, I promise)

1. Austin is 3 weeks old and officially has broke out in baby acne. It is so sad. I have a newborn with a 16yr old face. Thankfully, it will most likely be gone when we bless him...unfortunately his newborn pictures were taken on Saturday and my sister had to work her magic and get rid of his pimples :(
2. He loves his hands! Most babies love to be swaddled super tight with their arms tied down. Not my baby. He screams if we do and the minute we let his hands out he chills out.
3. About his hands... he sleeps with one arm across his body and the other arm is vertical right by his face. I will get a picture of it sometime.
4. Sleeping doesn't exist in long intervals. Last night he was up every hour and half.
5. He has officially peed on both his parents. I considered it as my official welcome to being a mother to a boy.


Nicole and Garrett said...

Oh no! Your worst fear! :) He is SO CUTE!!!!!!

Mike said...

Break out the acutane! Never too early, right?