Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

 1.found his voice and he will make a great yeller at a basketball game:)
2. smiled for the first time at his Dad... Dad was over the moon
3. was babysat for the first time and according to them, he was great and super cute
4. no longer fits into newborn clothes but is too small for 0-3months (I am sure it will change soon)
5. he poops twice in a row. let me explain- he goes and we change him and than no longer than 5 minutes later he will go again! So we tried waiting it out and without fail no matter how long we wait he still goes through 2 diapers. As parents we have just had to learn to laugh about it.


sarahspencer said...

carly that is one good lookin baby! He is so stinkin cute!

Nicole and Garrett said...

Ok Carly, are you ready to be visited yet? I want to see this cute little guy.