Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Austin filled out his own bracket(OK, his dad and mom helped by flipping a coin for him) and he picked Colorado to win it all... I don't think he is too devastated that they are already out. Now he is cheering for Kansas because that is what Mom and Dad picked.
2. He had his 2 month check up and he's in the 89% for height, 50% for weight, and 9% for height to weight ratio! We have a string bean on our hands! All his clothes fit him except in the legs and arms, they are too short.
3. Along with the 2 month check up he had to get 3 shots :( Oh it is the worst! I felt so bad but he handled it great after a long cuddle with Mom. I am not looking forward for the 4 month checkup.
4. He blows spit bubbles! Sometimes his mouth is foaming of spit bubbles
5. Austin loves to stretch! When I pick him up out of his bouncy seat he will instantly curl backwards like he is doing a back handspring. It is the cutest thing.
6. Absolutely hates tummy time. I feel like I am torching my child so tummy time never last long.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blessing Day

Austin's Blessing Day was wonderful and just reconfirmed to Gary and I how incredibly special this little boy is and how much love Heavenly Father has for him. Gary and I want nothing more than the whole world for him and we know he has the potential to be great. It is such an honor and humbling experience to have him in our home, so close to Christ, and that we are just so thankful each and everyday that he came to us and that he is ours forever.

 Grandma and Grandpa Allen
 Grandpa and Grandma Benham
 Great Grandpa Gilbert

 Aunt Lindsey

 4 Generations- Great Grandma and Grandpa Melling
Uncle Nate

Tuesday Tidbits

1. this past week there have been a few nights where he fought going to bed but once he finally fell asleep he slept until 5am!!!!
2. he had a couple of babysitters and they all claim he was perfect
3. I got out his 3-6month clothes to wash and realized he already fits into all of them
4. we let his hands free one night and he woke up with a scratch on his nose so we are still covering them
5. he has the biggest wide mouth smiles that just melt mommy and daddy's heart and once we pull out the camera he just can't stop staring at the black thing in mommy's face to do it again
6. he went to church for the full 3 hours for the first time and slept through the whole entire thing
7. he also took a walk with Mom and Dad outside and loved it

2 Months Old

1 month
                                                                         2 months

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. starting to coo and babel
2. he had the biggest blow out so far when I was at a bridal shower party- it was embarrassing and stressful
3.  he is starting to lose his baby hair
4. I have no doubt he knows who his momma is now! When he was first born I wondered but now not so much. I can tell he recognizes my voice and whether or not I am holding him.
5. and Gary just think he's a good kid and deserves the world.. he really is a great baby and incredibly cute. I'd be lieing if their weren't moments that he's difficult but most the time he's great!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Austin! Part 4

The last part!!!

My body progressed really fast so I was grateful I wasn't in labor for too long, and my epidural worked like a champ. During my progression they started to get the room ready for baby Austin to arrive and everything was really starting to sink in. My doctor showed up and checked me and I was ready to go! He also mention that he is sure that I won't be pushing too long because he will probably just slide out because his head felt small, and that was a sigh of relief. So a half hour later everything was ready, the doctor was dressed, and the baby nurse was on stand by.  My nurse prepped me and refreshed my memory on how to push.
I stared pushing around 3:45pm and my nurse and my doctor assured me again that he'd be here in no time(20min max). Pushing was exhausting! I wasn't having regular contractions so I had long breaks in between pushes so they asked if I could push 4x in a row instead of the normal 3x. I agreed but it made me more exhausted and I started breathing through my mouth...big mistake.
I was about to lose everything in my stomach! Thankfully I didn't and my nurse told me that breathing through my mouth might get me more oxygen but it was also feeling my belly with air.
Well, Austin could be seen and I was only a couple of more pushes away. However it wasn't 20min it ended up being 45min because Austin wasn't the 6lb baby everyone thought.
Austin was born at 4:26pm. It was one of the happiest moments of our marriage seeing that little bundle of joy. When he came out my doctor immediately said this boy is big! He's easily over 8lbs, no wonder he didn't come so fast. 
Austin didn't come out and cry and he actually never cried and it worried all of us but his oxygen levels were just fine. Austin came out moaning though! And we have it on video and it is hilarious. Anyway I didn't get to hold Austin right away because of that issue and that was a bummer but I was ok that the nurse was making sure he was ok and Gary was taking pictures. Austin ended up being 8 lbs 9oz. Throughout my whole pregnancy everyone told me how small I was and I had to keep assuring them that my baby was measuring right on track. Well, I was right!
When they finally decided Austin was OK they asked if I wanted to hold him! DUH!
So the nurse started bring my bed up so I wasn't laying down. Well, in just a few seconds I went from feeling like I was going to pass out and Gary had already set Austin on my lap. I quickly told them that I was about to faint and the ceiling was spinning. Gary quickly grabbed Austin and the nurse put me back down.
I had lost way more than the normal amount of blood loss and was still losing some.
My doctor wasn't done with me until 45min after Austin's birth....so once he was done my Mom and sister came in and held him and then he got his first bath.
Finally I was able to sit up slightly after all of this and hold my boy and give him tons of kisses! He was absolutely perfect and he had the best little cheeks to smooch on. Oh it was wonderful!
And that is the end of his birth story!
Austin has been a joy and he still moans:)