Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. this past week there have been a few nights where he fought going to bed but once he finally fell asleep he slept until 5am!!!!
2. he had a couple of babysitters and they all claim he was perfect
3. I got out his 3-6month clothes to wash and realized he already fits into all of them
4. we let his hands free one night and he woke up with a scratch on his nose so we are still covering them
5. he has the biggest wide mouth smiles that just melt mommy and daddy's heart and once we pull out the camera he just can't stop staring at the black thing in mommy's face to do it again
6. he went to church for the full 3 hours for the first time and slept through the whole entire thing
7. he also took a walk with Mom and Dad outside and loved it

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