Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Austin filled out his own bracket(OK, his dad and mom helped by flipping a coin for him) and he picked Colorado to win it all... I don't think he is too devastated that they are already out. Now he is cheering for Kansas because that is what Mom and Dad picked.
2. He had his 2 month check up and he's in the 89% for height, 50% for weight, and 9% for height to weight ratio! We have a string bean on our hands! All his clothes fit him except in the legs and arms, they are too short.
3. Along with the 2 month check up he had to get 3 shots :( Oh it is the worst! I felt so bad but he handled it great after a long cuddle with Mom. I am not looking forward for the 4 month checkup.
4. He blows spit bubbles! Sometimes his mouth is foaming of spit bubbles
5. Austin loves to stretch! When I pick him up out of his bouncy seat he will instantly curl backwards like he is doing a back handspring. It is the cutest thing.
6. Absolutely hates tummy time. I feel like I am torching my child so tummy time never last long.

1 comment:

Nicole and Garrett said...

A very very cute string bean! :) This kid is going to be very into sports.