Monday, April 23, 2012


It is almost 3pm and I still haven't taken a shower today, but don't worry...Austin smells like Johnson & Johnson.
We have no food because I have yet to go shopping, but don't worry... Austin has been fed numerous times today.
I have a sewing project due on Wednesday for a friend and it's only half way done, but don't worry... Austin has only had to endure 10 minutes of it.
I was awoken 3 times last night and I am dreaming of sleep, but don't worry... Austin is a sleep in my arms now.
My kitchen looks like a bomb went off, but don't worry... Austin was not hurt in the process.
I have a book I started last month to read before I rent the movie but it is currently collecting dust, but don't worry... Austin has a clean binky with no particles on it.
Gary and I have no clean clothes to wear, but don't worry... Austin had freshly folded laundry as of this morning.

SO DON'T WORRY! Because Austin is the greatest blessing on the planet, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

off to go take that shower, pray he still stays a sleep long enough to get all my things done, haha, who am I kidding:)


Moe said...

Carly, I love this post. So true!

The Meyers said...

Haha, what a cute post.