Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. starts grabbing things! Now the nursing cover has become my worst nightmare because he will grab at it and get mad that he can't see and it turns into quite the struggle between trying not to be too revealing and keeping Austin happy.
2. sometimes purrs like a kitty at night while he is sleeping- his Dad and I sometimes get the giggles because it is so funny
3. he is started to notice his feet, and now he grabs at them... it is only a matter of time until he stuffs his toes in his mouth
4. he is being kicked out of our bedroom as of tonight and will spend his first night in his crib, I am hoping it will cause a miracle of a full night sleep to happen
5. I can only set him down for about 5 minutes before he starts crying, he loves attention... and I love giving it (most times)
6. the kid is wearing 6 month clothes... so SAD! where did this big kid come from?
7. tummy time has turned into flying Dad's and Mom's knees- it brings out such a huge smile from him
Dad wrapped Austin into a burrito

#1 postion he likes to be held in, but you must be standing!


creepy one eye slightly open

going for the monkey!

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