Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Baby Gangster

bum in the air-trying to move

cute outfit
1.he squeals non-stop, it is starting to not be so cute
2. I bought a book about baby sleeping and hoping for miracles when it arrives
3. I think he will roll over in the next 2 weeks, he has gotten so close
4. he is wearing clothes between 6-12months (depending on the brand)
5. when we go to pick him up he arches his back making it more difficult


Katie Matthews said...

You will have to keep me posted about how your sleep training goes. I am pretty sure that every night I pray for Maggie to sleep through the night and each morning, God wants me to have a little more faith and patience.

The Meyers said...

Is it the baby wise book? I keep hearing about that!