Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits


new toy! now he just needs to grow into it so he can actually reach the toys
1. I forgot to mention last week that he now tries to sit up by himself. He was sitting in the corner of couch and decided he wanted to sit up and instead he did a somersault but didn't go off the couch.
2. he rolled over on Monday morning and does it frequently! Now if he can just learn how to roll back I wont have to always save him.
3. 4 month apointment was this past week- I HATE SHOTS- he weighs 15.6lbs
4. my sleep training book I order on amazon still hasn't come so right now we are just in limbo. I am also trying to talk myself up for the horrible nights ahead when I decide to go for it...but IT WILL BE WORTH IT, at least that's what I tell myself
5. he went to his first baseball game and lets just say it didn't go well- every time a big play happened and the crowd would cheer/yell he would cry hysterically. He is like that with any loud noise-turn the hair blow dryer on...he cries- sneeze...he cries-drop a dish by accident while doing the dishes...he cries- and so forth

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