Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update on Gary

I am sorry this blog has turned into a shrine for Austin, but at the same time I'm not. He's what I love talking about so things wont change. He consumes every aspect of our lives for the best.

Since Lone Peak has gotten out of school Gary know longer goes there every afternoon anymore. He is so sad about it. He loved that part of his job and he's sad to know that it has come and gone. Of course there were parts he didn't like about being at a high school from noon until the last practice or game ended for the day but most the time he never complained. As a wife I could tell when I visited that the kids(seriously though, they aren't that much younger then me!) they they liked him and respected him. He also enjoyed the kids and getting to know them. It was also neat to see him interacting with parents- there were times parents would call right when we sat down to eat or sleep(or before we woke up = not happy wife) and Gary would have to talk to them regarding their son or daughter's injury and what to expect. Most the time the parents were very receptive and respectful, but there were a few times they could care less what Gary told them. Those parents would take their child to a doctor to overrule what Gary said was the plan of action before their kid could play and every time the doctor would back up Gary...(parents can be crazy regarding their child and sports!)
There was a particular moment when we were at a game together and a parent came and sat by us. Gary asked who their child was and Gary knew exactly who it was and that the kid had been struggling from arm issues. He tells the father all about what they can do it and what he believes is the problem. You could tell the guy was thinking "who are you to tell me what is wrong with them?". The father then asked what class he was taking in school that taught him this...Gary preceded to tell him that he got his degree in Athletic Training at BYU. The father all of sudden seemed to take Gary seriously- the father thought he was a high school student that was helping out, haha. It is sad to think that Gary was only a working Athletic Trainer for one school year. Honestly, Gary would love to just do that the rest of his life but the pay and lifestyle isn't ideal for our family. He will be a certified ATC as long as he keeps up his CEU's and that should be easy. So since the school year is over Gary now spends all day at the physical therapy clinic, some days are better than others. He still comes home from lunch and plays with Austin and gives me a short break. Also during lunch he spends time on the phone and internet figuring out Med school stuff and our move... and then at night he spends time with us- usually puts Austin to bed and then will go study. He is taking biochemistry online since the school he's going to has it as a pre-req.
Anyway, that's what Gary is up too.


Nicole and Garrett said...

Wow, Gary sounds busy!

Mike said...

Gary looks legit in that picture. Its going to kill him next year when he trades that hands on schedule for pretty much the same hours, just in the library every day.