Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anniversary Celebration

{May 12, 2012}
Since Gary and I were apart on our actual anniversary we planned another night to go out for a couple of hours with just the two of us.
Having Austin has been a major adjustment and one thing we learned right away that if we want to have a date night it has to be planned in advance.
So I called up my sister, Lindsey, who loves Austin as if he was hers. I asked if she wanted to have a hot date with an available cutie and she jumped on it!
I made reservations at Flemmings (specializes in steaks and wine...we skipped the wine) and we were set!
The day came we kissed our sweetheart goodbye and walked out the door like teenagers set free to finally date, haha.
The night was great and food was amazing. Our conversations revolved around Austin the whole night-another thing we learned when we became parents.
Afterwords we went to City Creek and shopped. We called it a night at 9:30pm and headed home-another thing we learned...late nights are no longer fun because you are exhausted and know that you'd be up soon with the little one.
Thanks to Lindsey and also Jenny who came over to have a date with Austin!
Flemmings gave us a $25 gift card and chocolates as an Anniversary gift

the fountains at City Creek

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Erinn Meyer said...

You are smokin'! Happy Anniversary!