Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits on Wednesday

1. his second tooth came in!
I always said I wouldn't be one of those mom's...but I just couldn't resist getting a shot of those teeth
2. sat up for a couple seconds before he fell over
I let go of him right after this photo to turn off the camera and he just sat there-and then he decided to go for the grass...
3. when we help him stand he flaps like a bird
4. I am truly loved- when I put him down and go walk away to do something he gets so mad and breaks down in sobs...he then will flip over which causes him to get more mad! I think he flips because he knows it is an easy way to get me to come back fast.
I love that he loves me that much but can I just go to the bathroom in peace...
5. he has started making the motions of crawling- the only thing stopping him is getting his knees under his butt and pushing up with his arms-right now he looks like he doing an awesome breast stroke:)

Gary and I couldn't stop laughing at this photo-kinda looks like an alien, haha...with a large head...but a cute alien for sure :)

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